the new population alert system via mobile phone is operational

The FR-Alert device allows you to send messages to mobile phones in danger areas. Its coordination with existing alert systems still raises questions. We can no longer deal with crises in the 21st centurye century with a tool from the XXe , admitted the prefect of the Seine-Maritime, Pierre-Andr Durand, after the fire at the … Read more

the room has become a trash can

Between the race for space tourism, a place of dreams or fears and an essential outpost of scientific research, space today is a place that is less and less accessible. But who says human activity (capitalist), says pollution. Waste that potentially orbits international teams and satellite systems around the planet. Dossier on space pollution, but … Read more

In space swarms of debris

“Dangerous.” Irresponsible. » The outraged reactions from the United States and NATO flared up after the anti-satellite missile launch, which Russia carried out on 15 November. → ANALYSIS. Anti-satellite missile: space, a new battlefield for the great powers? By destroying one of its own defunct satellites, Russia deliberately generated “more than 1,500 traceable recyclable waste … Read more

The electric car market is experiencing very encouraging global growth

Produced thanks to an international network of law firms and Avere, the 2022 Energy Transitions Observatory confirms that electric mobility is being massively established worldwide. The law firm De Gaulle Flagrance et Associés, in partnership with Avere France, submitted its comments on the state of the transition to electric mobility in the world this Thursday, … Read more