American Tech: Crash.0?

If we were to sum up the year, we would be tempted to borrow from Elizabeth II her formula used just thirty years ago. 2022 is an “annus horribilis” for growth stocks and American Tech. War, energy crisis and Sino-American tensions call into question 30 years of globalization against a backdrop of inflation, rising interest … Read more

services adapted to professionals

By Figaro Services for Hello bank! Posted 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Hello Business facilitates the day-to-day management of independent professionals. Hey bank! Do you have independent professional status? Discover banking solutions and offers adapted to your needs with Hej bank! Pro.Freelance, self-employed, craftsman or merchant, the Hello Business bank offer is the … Read more

Thanks to “business games”, entrepreneurs can train online before launching

By donning an entrepreneurial costume for a game, future entrepreneurs can, thanks to these games, immerse themselves in a sector of activity and perfect their future strategy. LUCIEN LUNG/Le Figaro For several years, simulation games have multiplied in business schools and companies. Whether they allow a budding entrepreneur to test his strategy without risking bankruptcy … Read more