Is the hydrogen car the future of our travels?

Sales of battery electric vehicles are on the rise across Europe, and according to the annual Global Electric Vehicle Outlook report, more are sold each week today than in all of 2012. But despite this growing popularity, shortages of key battery components including lithium, nickel and cobalt, could threaten the supply. So is it time … Read more

must we go there at all costs?

NEWS – Does the current energy crisis call into question the transition from individual mobility to all-electric? Here are some things to think about. The car industry didn’t need that. The clouds gather on the road to the individual car, especially the battery-electric model. The question is no longer taboo: should we finally oblige the … Read more

In the race for electric cars, a road strewn with pitfalls

Driven by the authorities or their own obligations, major car manufacturers have initiated a radical shift towards the end of combustion engines and the emergence of electric cars. But to achieve their ambitious goals, they will have to overcome many obstacles. Will there be enough lithium and other raw materials to make electric batteries? Enough … Read more

DeTomaso Pantera 1971: the car rock star

In 1974, the famous hockey player Tim Horton – founder of the restaurant chain of the same name – was killed at the wheel of his DeTomaso Pantera. This tragic accident involved alcohol and speeding on the Queen Elizabeth Highway between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Mr. Horton, 44, lost control of his car, which ended … Read more

what to do when things go wrong? Update on your rights

Individuals have rented a vehicle while on vacation. After renting, where the agency closes, they park the car in the dedicated parking lot and deposit the keys in the rental company’s mailbox. They receive a delusion a few days later. Facts. We rented a vehicle while on vacation. The rental company gave us the keys … Read more

Concept flashback: Advanced Sedan Concept, as Acura solidly escaped it

The unveiling ofAdvance Sedan Concept during the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2006 coincides with the opening of a new design center for the luxury brand Honda in California. The aim behind this design study was to demystify how the prestige sedan of the future, e.g. 2020, would look like. Advance Sedan Concept is the … Read more

Electric cars, car manufacturers’ hunt for metals

To manufacture electric vehicles, you need lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, just as many metals, which are mainly found elsewhere than in Europe. The issue of supply becomes all the more crucial as the cessation of the sale of new thermal vehicles is being adopted at European level. The European Parliament planned it in early June … Read more