Black holes hid well behind all types of active galaxy nuclei

L ‘avalanche of confirmations of the black hole theory continues with an ESO statement accompanying a publication in the famous journal Nature which can be freely consulted arXiv. In 2015, we celebrated the centenary of Einstein’s final discovery of his general theory of relativity and the same year was discovered on Earth for the first … Read more

Alma on the trail of galaxy death with the first quasar discovered

3C 273 is a star withinastrophysics and some cosmology. Behind this name, which initially means it’s 273e the subject of the third Cambridge catalog with the sources radio, we find the brightest quasar in the sky. It was discovered in Virgin constellation and we now know that this radio source is produced by a supermassive … Read more

Alma and the Subaru telescope on the trail of the enigmatic killers of Urgalaxes

almost a century ago, Edwin Hubble opened the realm of galaxies to us by showing it mists in the astronomer’s famous catalog Charles Messiersuch as Messier 31 and Messier 87were actually objects outside The Milky Way and that they must therefore be like the Universes, in the sense of Edge in a pamphlet from 1755, … Read more

Here is the first picture of the giant black hole in the middle of the Milky Way!

16.00 And here is a comparison of the two black holes from which we could get pictures, M87 * and Sagittarius A *! ” We have two completely different types of galaxies and two very different masses of black holes, but near the edge of these black holes they look surprisingly similar. Says Sera Markoff … Read more

Here is the first picture of the giant black hole in the middle of the Milky Way!

You will also be interested The time is 15:07: this is a world first, the EHT researchers (Event Horizon Telescope) andESO (European South Observatory) has just unveiled the very first image of the black hole Sagittarius A *! “We’ve been so close many times before.” said in press conference ESO President Xavier Barcons. Located in … Read more

Did Event Horizon Telescope film the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way Sgr A *?

We remember that on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, at 15.00 in France,the international teamEvent Horizon Telescope (EHT) led by Shep Doeleman, researcher at the Center forastrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian, had made headlines by publishing the historical image of the supposed supermassive black hole M87 *. It is located in the center of the great elliptical galaxy M87 … Read more

See what binary systems with black holes in the Milky Way look like

Recently one joint press release from European Southern Observatory (ESO) andEvent Horizon Telescope (EHT) has announced that on May 12, 2022, there will be an online conference at. 15.00 in France, which will report new results and especially about supermassive black hole of The Milky Way. It contains just over DKK 4 million masses solar … Read more

Nasa surprised a reversal of the magnetic field that surrounds a monstrous black hole

A galaxy whose brightness suddenly begins to change inevitably catches the eye of scientists. A true explosion of visible light. And even ultraviolet. Then a mysterious disappearance of the emissions of certain X-rays Before a return to normal. Enough to tie knots in the researchers’ brains. But astronomers now provide an explanation. The person in … Read more

A “monstrous” mini-black hole dug up in a dwarf galaxy

A team of astronomers has discovered a supermassive black hole on a few hundred thousand solar masses in a dwarf galaxy, Mrk 462. The discovery of this “small” black hole hidden by gas and matter could allow scientists to learn more about formation and life cycle of these cosmic phenomena. Among the cosmic ogres that … Read more