notice to SMEs, 2nd call for applications is open

(AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK) – It has been three years since the African Development Bank launched a program in Madagascar to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. Objective: to enable them to achieve economies of scale and create better job opportunities for women and youth in key sectors of the Malagasy … Read more

the true and false in the dispute over Mélenchon’s car in Lille – Liberation

The leader of the rebels was criticized for his use of a vehicle that was considered polluting and on which was visible a cockade, reserved in particular for parliamentarians. According to a video seen by “CheckNews”, MP Adrien Quatennens was present at the back. The SUV, on the other hand, is a hybrid. A political … Read more

Espace Presse – Cetim and CEA join forces to increase French industrial supply in hydrogen

Two partners, several forces The mechanical industry intervenes at all stages of the “Hydrogen” value chain. However, in order to ensure its production, distribution and use in several applications, it is necessary to adapt the products and in particular the fluid equipment; pipes, tanks, compressors, pumps, regulators, tanks of all sizes, of all materials and … Read more

The Small Business Act is still pending

Long in demand by CGEM, business is not despairing about seeing the famous “Small Business Act” become a reality. This project to revise the legal and institutional framework of the TPME, promised by the former Treasurer of the Kingdom Mohamed Benchaâboun for the year 2020, is re-emerging. While we thought he was buried or at … Read more