In space swarms of debris

“Dangerous.” Irresponsible. » The outraged reactions from the United States and NATO flared up after the anti-satellite missile launch, which Russia carried out on 15 November. → ANALYSIS. Anti-satellite missile: space, a new battlefield for the great powers? By destroying one of its own defunct satellites, Russia deliberately generated “more than 1,500 traceable recyclable waste … Read more

Energy from space: China is advancing by two years a program pursued by NASA without success for 20 years

This screenshot taken at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on July 4, 2021 shows a picture of the Earth from the perspective of the Tianhe Space Station. ©Jin Liwang / Xinhua / AFP Innovation China is working on launching a solar energy plant in space. This ambitious project should make it possible to redirect energy … Read more

Mystery: why are these two galaxies devoid of dark matter?

Half a century after Rubin’s work, astronomers have still not been able to directly observe dark matter. It neither emits nor reflects light. It does not interact directly with ordinary matter, although its gravity affects the behavior of observable objects such as stars and galaxies. Scientists also believe that dark matter is needed for galaxies … Read more

Boeing’s Starliner capsule passes the key test despite some hiccups

The capsule, which had no passengers on board, landed Wednesday night in the desert of the U.S. state of New Mexico. Starliner, Boeing’s space capsule, landed Wednesday night and successfully completed a crucial test mission for the company, which wants to prove its ability to transport NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). also … Read more

Three Chinese return from record stays in space

The three astronauts spent six months on the Chinese space station, with which China hopes to develop its space program and catch up with Europe, the United States and Russia. It is the longest stay that China has ever made in space: The three astronauts from the Shenzhou 13 mission returned to Earth on Saturday … Read more

Black holes, cosmic monsters that science is trying to tame

Stunning “immersive” monsters, by definition invisible … The mysteries of the universe and physics, black holes have long been detected by scientists who in a few years have managed to uncover them before the eyes of the world. The first “black stars” Their existence was assumed in the late 18th century by the Frenchman Pierre … Read more

After more than two weeks in space, the four members of a private mission return to Earth

Organized by the American company Axiom Space, the first private mission to the International Space Station has been completed. Three businessmen and a former NASA astronaut landed off Florida on Monday (April 25) aboard a SpaceX capsule after spending 15 days on the International Space Station as part of a private mission. also readSpace: The … Read more

in Argentina, a predatory dinosaur reveals some secrets

AFP, published Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at. 11:41 Three years after its discovery in southern Argentina, the fossil of a dinosaur gradually reveals its secrets: 70 million years old, measured 10 meters long, it was a large predator that removed its prey using sharp, curved claws. The remains of this “megaraptor”, a carnivorous dinosaur with … Read more

Water has been discovered in a galaxy in the early universe!

Laura Faz Meteorized Chile November 15, 2021 5 min The molecular lines of carbon monoxide and water were the compounds detected in this distant galaxy. Credit: ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO) / S. Dagnello (NRAO). A few days ago, the ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array) issued an important announcement: they had … Read more