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Master in Sales and Business Development in detail Presentation and objectives for a Master in Sales and Business Development A master’s in sales and business development trains operational managers whose mission will be business development in companies. This education offers teaching in marketing, business strategy, sales techniques, management, etc. This knowledge enables future graduates to … Read more

Euridis Business School: Bachelor in Lille

Euridis Business School Lille – Experience our bachelors Euridis Business School is a leading business school, leading in France in BtoB Commerce & Digital Marketing training from Bac to Bac + 5. Euridis Business School issues government diplomas and RNCP titles, educating more than 2,500 students each year in France. With more than 30 years … Read more

These luxury cars imported from Germany to be sold in Saint-Quentinois and as intrigue

JUSTICE Four people had to apply to the Saint-Quentin Criminal Court for repeated purchases and sales of luxury cars without having declared any commercial activity. Posted on 7/09/2021 at 21:03 By Julian Gray Are we dealing with car sales connoisseurs who have started an illegal commercial activity, or with body and mechanics enthusiasts who have … Read more