PlayStation Plus: the complete program of games on offer in August 2022 revealed, 8 Yakuza on the way!

As every Wednesday at the end of the month, Sony Interactive Entertainment officially communicates its list of games that will be offered to subscribers Playstation Plus. And not to change, the latter has apparently been leaked online in recent hours. Then it is once again flawless bill car only ? So yes! So you still … Read more

Stray TEST: you’ll love cats even if you don’t!

BlueTwelve Studio is a small company located in the south of France that has designed a rather attractive game where players embody… a cat. Stray was therefore born on the consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment and on PC, inevitably we started this cat test to give you our impressions. Did we have a good time? … Read more

Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal updates announced on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Switch and in Game Pass!

Since September last year, the license people celebrating its 25th anniversary. Atlus had previously opened a dedicated official page used to collect all the messages, which will therefore continue in the coming months, including 7 major as remastering Persona 4 Arena Ultimate. The latest was to take place in June and that is why this … Read more

PlayStation Plus TEST: furry retrogaming? Large directories? Convincing new service?

Sony Interactive Entertainment made a decision to merge Playstation Plus as we know with Playstation now. Players thus have the choice between 3 new subscriptions to satisfy their thirst for video games. To better enlighten you a little, here are the different benefits of each offer you need to take into account: Important – 8.99 … Read more

Street Fighter 6: Host Platforms, Release Period, Game Modes, Introducing Jamie and the Return of Chun-Li in an Explosive Trailer

Revealed in February last year with a cinematic teaser that could leave you confused, street fighter 6 should give us news about him this summer and he therefore has a bit of a head start as he a remarkable appearance below Status of the game that night, and revealed for the very first time his … Read more