Espace Presse – How to limit climate change?

​This article is an excerpt from an exchange that took place within the framework of “Science yourself! », organized by CEA and CENTQUATRE-PARIS. The human face to the forces of nature Laurent Gaude : In my imaginary universe, nature sometimes speaks violently and suddenly, like in the novel Hurricane, when Katrina hit New Orleans in … Read more

Full box for luxury car brands

If the crisis is often synonymous with the loss of purchasing power and the search for good deals, the car market seems to defy this logic, with a surprising increase in the sale of luxury cars, to say the least, in the middle of a pandemic. . Despite a worldwide shortage of semiconductors, after closing … Read more

Human capital at the heart of a Business & Networking evening at the Club des Directeurs

The means of promoting human capital in the company in accordance with the recommendations of the New Development Model (NMD) were at the center of a Business & Networking evening recently organized in Casablanca at the initiative of the Club des Directeurs (CSD). Placed under the theme “The different axes of motivation for its human … Read more

Sale of bricks, a business that satisfies many mouths

As you know, Burkina Faso has experienced its peak with urbanization in recent decades, the construction of infrastructure here, the construction of large buildings there. This parameter would be a nightmare if there were no engineers, architects and masons. Today, another company has joined this large family, and that is the sale of bricks. This … Read more

“last straight line” before start

It is not yetTop, take offBut the countdown has begun: the Ariane 6 rocket, which was supposed to enable Europe to stay in the space race, starts the last test campaign before its maiden flight, postponed to 2023. also readSpace: the mysterious “radio circles” are gradually revealed Lying in its assembly house at the Kourou … Read more

“As the 2024 Olympics approach, we must experiment with biometric recognition in public space”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE- For Vincent Berthet and Léo Amsellem, the implementation of a law to experiment with this technology, as recommended by the Senate, would answer the questions of security and digital sovereignty. Vincent Berthet is an associate professor at the University of Lorraine and associate researcher at the Sorbonne Center for Economics. He is … Read more

seven years imprisonment required against an influencer

en “massive fraud” to “no matter what“: On Wednesday, June 15, the prosecution demanded seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros against an influencer suspected of embezzling millions of euros in Covid assistance via social networks. also readThese Covid help scams that are at risk of being detected in the spring of … Read more

Racist aggression: he pulls his neighbor with his car for more than 70 meters

More than three years have passed, but the wound is not closed. “Even today, it’s hard to talk about it,” Nelly (1) whispers by phone, two days after the trial, which threw this quadra woman and her husband Bedri (1) back in fear. On Wednesday, June 1, in Room 3 of the Nantes Court, she … Read more

“Undocumented migrants live in public spaces in exchange for police action”

How have you worked on coming up with so many detailed stories in this book? I met 300 people of 40 different nationalities under legal support in local detention with Cimade from 2007 to 2009. Ten years later, I continued to see certain people. I was especially close to six of them. At Masséré Sissoko, … Read more

Egypt: Business at the service of heating up a historic relationship

On May 9, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri traveled to Morocco as part of an official visit at the invitation of his Moroccan counterpart Nasser Bourita. The latter received him at the headquarters of Moroccan diplomacy in front of the historic city of Chellah. For some, this visit is like any other foreign minister, yet … Read more