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Master in Sales and Business Development in detail Presentation and objectives for a Master in Sales and Business Development A master’s in sales and business development trains operational managers whose mission will be business development in companies. This education offers teaching in marketing, business strategy, sales techniques, management, etc. This knowledge enables future graduates to … Read more

Masters Degree in MBA in Paris

EURIDIS Business School Paris – Discover our Masters and MBAs Euridis Business School is a major business school, leading in France in BtoB Commerce & Digital Marketing training from Bac to Bac + 5. Euridis Business School issues government diplomas and RNCP titles, which educate more than 2,500 students in France each year. With more … Read more

What is an MBA?

What is an MBA? that Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the highest level of international business management education. Small general point to better understand the main features. MBA: an overview Historical Generalist (although specialized MBAs are now being developed), this training is mainly aimed at providing participants with a technical profile (sales people, lawyers, … Read more