explore the moon, the planets and… the entire universe!

All the diversity of the sky parades during the starry nights: from the nearest stars to the most distant galaxies. All our advice to take advantage of it. It’s rare that there are so many things to see in the sky during the same night: the Moon, the planets, the Milky Way, star clusters, nebulae, … Read more

Solid battery. Where is the announced future for the electric car?

After the transition from lead to lithium-ion, is the electric car about to undergo a new revolution? At least that is what most manufacturers hope for by investing in so-called solid batteries, as opposed to power accumulators with liquid electrolyte. But despite the increasing number of announcements, this technology is still unknown to the general … Read more

World tour in the countries where Citroën Ami is a hit

No insult to some, the Citroën Ami is a huge success and sells like hot cakes. Since its launch in April 2020, more than 22,400 copies were sold in Europe. The electric quadricycle is suitable for individuals (especially young people) and professionals (with the Cargo version) the new symbol of micromobility. >> Citroën Ami in … Read more

Citroën Ami Buggy, Alpine A110 … These limited series that snap up

Selling a limited edition vehicle no longer necessarily means that it is at the end of its career or that it is difficult to sell it. It’s now a real fashion phenomenon that responds to ” a visceral consumer need for privileges and considerations according to Henri Kaufman and Laurence Faguer, authors of the book … Read more

Used car. The reasons for buying and the fears of the French

Although their sales have fallen, used cars have found almost four times more buyers than new cars in France during the first five months of 2022. A difference that will increase further if we do not take into account corporate fleets. Of course, the main reason for this choice is budgetary. A study commissioned by … Read more

Cap Business Océan India and Expertise France join forces to unite the regional private sector on this crucial issue

Engages companies in the region to work for the conservation of biodiversity, both on land and at sea. This is the purpose of the partnership concluded between Cap Business Océan India, an association bringing together regional private sector actors, and Expertise France, a subsidiary of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) group. A € 700,000 … Read more

Electric car. How do you know the health status of the battery?

In an electric car, the engine is not the most expensive component nor the most sensitive. The centerpiece is the traction battery. Not content with being worth thousands of euros, it also tends to deteriorate over time. Self-government will therefore be reduced after a few years. To make matters worse, there is nothing linear about … Read more

Teasing with your car in front of your house. Is it possible ?

In French law, everything that is not forbidden is allowed. Everyone’s freedom is actually framed by prohibition by law or rules. Are there texts that forbid car repairs in front of one’s home? What is the risk of breaking the applicable rules? Argus informs you what it is authorized to do … or not! Nothing … Read more

our opinion of the first 100% electric station wagon

A brand belonging to the Chinese state group SAIC, MG aims to be a truly global generalist producer. Following the successful launch of their ZS, Marvel and EHS plug-in hybrid SUVs, it therefore intends to offer the full range of bodies in all categories. Oddly enough, the manufacturer of the compact car first offers a … Read more

Lyon Motor Show 2022. The essential new cars

Welcome to the largest car dealer in France: Salon de Lyon! From 7 to 11 April, car enthusiasts will have an appointment with Eurexpo to discover the latest innovations. Lyons High Fair is not intended to exhibit “world premieres”. Salon de Lyon will be held from 7 to 11 April 2022. At this fair on … Read more