The best returns for logistics and premium shopping centers?

Hans Vrensen © DR According to AEW’s latest study, “Annual Outlook”, logistics and prime shopping centers are expected to generate the best returns in 2023-27, while housing and logistics are the most robust sectors in terms of rental growth. According to the study, only five markets are considered attractive in the analysis of risk-adjusted returns, … Read more

Division value, end of indentation

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – After a firework of initiatives, the majority takes its time to land on a controversial topic. Dear subscribers, Has the majority, or more likely the Élysée, closed a sequence of more than a month, which has boiled over the theme of value sharing? The sequence opened on 12 October with the … Read more

Logistics against wind and tide? (Arthur Lloyd Logistics)

Didier Terrier © Arthur Loyd Logistics – Guilain de Coligny The French logistics real estate market marks time with 2.3 million m² placed between January and September 2022, down 14% compared to 2021, notes Arthur Loyd Logistique in its latest study. “Although user activity was maintained in the first half of the year, it nevertheless … Read more

The retail market is pushing its limits even higher, but…

david bourla © DR Against all odds, the retail market is resisting. So much so that it posted “the second best historical result over nine months”, explains David Bourla, director of studies at Knight Frank France. “Since the beginning of 2022, the amounts invested in companies have amounted to just over 4.6 billion euros, compared … Read more

Electricity rises: Electric cars are losing one of their advantages

Tesla sent an email to all its customers yesterday to warn them of an increase in the price of charging in its Superchargers. This official communication is the first, as far as I know, because prices have increased several times in recent years and the manufacturer has shown greater opacity until then. But it must … Read more

Old real estate: soon the break?

Charles Marinakis © DR According to figures compiled by Century 21, the rise in property prices in the old one is particularly strong between semester 2021 and 1eh half of 2022: + 10.7% for houses, + 7.4% for apartments; with records at stake: 2,552 € / m² on average for houses, “driving the market … Read more