From Doha to Dubai, a luxury World Cup and supporters on the sidelines

Located a stone’s throw from Qatar, Dubai offers to fill a possible housing shortage for the football World Cup held in the neighboring country, but the less fortunate fans risk being left on the sidelines after all. Some 1.2 million visitors are expected from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar, a small but gas-rich … Read more

relaxation area / Folkeforbundet / Gr. A / France-Austria /

It is in a very heavy climate, with several affairs occupying the media scene, that a French team decimated by injuries takes to the pitch at the Stade de France to face Austria with the hope of finally winning a game in this League of Nations. This final home meeting before the World Cup should … Read more

Qatar: focus on business around the football World Cup

The State of Qatar has spent $220 billion building world-class infrastructure, including new roads, public transport, hotels and sports facilities. The matches will take place in eight high-tech stadiums, ensuring maximum comfort for the spectators. 1.5 million supporters are expected in Qatar for this historic event that boosts the tourism sector and the hotel and … Read more

Mobility fair in Saint-Brieuc. Is it time to switch to the electric car?

6:33 – Modified: 6:45 by Dolorès CHARLES Drivers who want to change cars must choose between the current model with a combustion engine, or hybrid, and the 100% electric model. In Saint-Brieuc, an e-mobility fair was held this weekend to help make this choice and answer the questions and fears of interested parties. Many of … Read more

For OM, draw without aliens leaving space / C1 / Draw /

The hands of Yaya Touré and Hamit Altintop were closely watched at Canebière. They offered a fairly open Champions League group for OM: if Tottenham seems to be a step above, the Phocaeans can hope to compete with Eintracht Frankfurt and Sporting to avoid ending up with the mantle. And therefore came out of the … Read more

Peyraud-Magnin, guardian of her galaxy / Euro 2022 / Gr. D / France-Italy /

Against Italy, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin will not only find old acquaintances: She will live her first tournament in the shoes of a number 1. A meteoric rise combined with a great reward for the young thirty-year-old, today well established at. Juventus after traveling a lot and struggling in the skin of the lining. Today, the Blues … Read more

What does ESTAC play with Savinho? / France / Troyes /

Being recruited by a club but never seeing the color of his lawn is what is likely to happen for Savinho. Deprived of a golden prize from Atlético Mineiro, the young Brazilian had to go directly on loan to PSV Eindhoven without going through the Trojan box. What to question about the current policy on … Read more

“For Americans, French clubs are underrated” / France / Business /

OL, Red Star, Valenciennes, Nancy, Saint-Etienne. There are countless French clubs that have just joined a multi-club model or should do so through new investors, often Americans who are already involved in foreign clubs and in particular English. Worrying phenomenon or financial disaster for French football? Explanations with Tim Keech, co-founder of MRKT Insights, a … Read more

Cargo Captain: the alternative to the other car

8:25 – Modified: 8:26 by Dolorès CHARLES The Galician company presented yesterday (Tuesday, June 28) in building 78 of the La Janais Industrial Excellence Center, the prototype of the Captain Cargo, a premium cargo bike with electric assistance. An alternative to the car in the city. They will manufacture bicycles in a building of Stellanti’s … Read more

Blues masters in the world … of business / Mondial 2002 / Fiasco des Bleus / Part 3/5 /

Jean de la Fontaine laughed with conceit, complacency and arrogance, often punished at the end of fables. It was in the perspective of a 2002 World Cup “won in advance” that France gave in to an indomitable and unreasonable collective euphoria. To the point of polluting his beloved Blues, further intoxicated by exaggerated mercantile urges … Read more