Division value, end of indentation

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS – After a firework of initiatives, the majority takes its time to land on a controversial topic. Dear subscribers, Has the majority, or more likely the Élysée, closed a sequence of more than a month, which has boiled over the theme of value sharing? The sequence opened on 12 October with the … Read more

The electric car or how to smash an industry for political reasons

At the opening of the motor show, Emmanuel Macron confirmed his plan to massively support the automotive industry in developing the electric car. ©Money SHARMA / AFP Atlantico business At the opening of the motor show, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the project to accelerate the development of the electric car. It is a purely political choice … Read more

Emmanuel Macron puts the turbo on the electric car

Published on: 17/10/2022 – 16:52 The head of state inaugurated the Paris Motor Show on Monday, a few hours after an interview with the daily The echoes in which he describes a whole range of measures in favor of low-carbon vehicles. And confirms his ambition to bring France into the all-electric era. First axis of … Read more

advisers, experts, politicians … the galaxy orbiting the president

Political history has shown that power isolates. After sitting for a first term of five years, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on Sunday 24 April to 58.5% according to estimates from Harris Interactive x Toluna for RTL and M6. Marine Le Pen received 41.5% of the vote. The participation rate is 70.6%. François Bayrou, Richard Ferrand, … Read more

how Emmanuel Macron controls his majority, clan leadership style

The majority way stems. In his second five-year term, Emmanuel Macron wants to consolidate his galaxy of support and political relay. Over the past five years, the President of the Republic has set out to form alliances with other political forces, such as MoDem or Agir, and has sucked some of the currents to the … Read more