Electric cars, car manufacturers’ hunt for metals

To manufacture electric vehicles, you need lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, just as many metals, which are mainly found elsewhere than in Europe. The issue of supply becomes all the more crucial as the cessation of the sale of new thermal vehicles is being adopted at European level. The European Parliament planned it in early June … Read more

End of thermal engines in 2035: it’s urgent to wait!

It’s done, it’s voted! Since the end of the 19th century, the heat engine has shaped the history of the automotive industry and even the history of mobility and transportation in general. But it’s over! Originally planned for 2040, Europe has brought forward the completion of the commercialization of thermal engines by 2035. This measure … Read more

From Turkey to China, the race against the electric car is underway

Electrifying the car fleet is a global goal. The means to achieve this are majority. This is stated in the work carried out by an observatory consisting of Avere-France (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) and the law firm De Gaulle Fleurance and Associates, which will be published on Thursday 2 June. → … Read more

Landscape, city, occasional driving: what type of car best suits my situation?

About the use of soft mobility to be facilitated and privileged, it is not uncommon for the car in France to be a capital tool for moving on a daily basis. According to INSEE, 84.1% of French people had a vehicle in 2018. An eloquent figure that implies many more things than one might think. … Read more