complicated equipment for the disabled?

Between electric cars and PMR, the current does not flow! While Europe voted to ban thermal vehicles from 2035, bodybuilders have yet to find the solution to adapt them to this public. Battery problem.. Soon a 100% electric Europe? On 8 June 2022, the Danish Parliament voted to ban the sale of new thermal cars … Read more

“data helps optimize the efficiency of electric cars”

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what to do when things go wrong? Update on your rights

Individuals have rented a vehicle while on vacation. After renting, where the agency closes, they park the car in the dedicated parking lot and deposit the keys in the rental company’s mailbox. They receive a delusion a few days later. Facts. We rented a vehicle while on vacation. The rental company gave us the keys … Read more

Ferrari accelerates to take the electric turn

Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari intends to go all out to electrify its cars, without giving up its mythical brand DNA that inspires car enthusiasts around the world. “Everything we do will always aim to be Ferrari“and electrification”will allow us to create even more unique cars“, its president, John Elkann, said Thursday in front of investors … Read more

Plug-in hybrid cars, not so “green”? “It’s about use”

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