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Master in Sales and Business Development in detail Presentation and objectives for a Master in Sales and Business Development A master’s in sales and business development trains operational managers whose mission will be business development in companies. This education offers teaching in marketing, business strategy, sales techniques, management, etc. This knowledge enables future graduates to … Read more

Niale Kaba ”sells” Côte d’Ivoire to Japanese investors

Accompanied by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and the Diaspora, Kandia Camara; the minister of planning and development, Nialé Kaba and the minister of equipment and road maintenance, Amédé Koffi Kouakou, the head of the Ivorian government, Patrick Achi, participated in the various works of Ticad 8 from 26 to … Read more

Abandoned does not exist and Hasan Kahraman is a villain, according to GameSpot

You know Abandoned, this fear of survival developed by Blue Box Game Studios, a curious Dutch studio founded by Hasan Kahraman. The title had been revealed via the blog playstation (where you just have to pay to show up) and the players had seen possible links with Hideo Kojima (Metal gear) and the deductible quiet … Read more