Hubble revealed strange blue ‘blobs’ of young stars

That astrophysicists working on the riddle of black fabric Searching for dwarf galaxies containing dark matter but which are probably very weak to have escaped previous detection. that standard cosmological model predicts the existence of a large number of these galaxies dwarfs around large galaxies such as The Milky Way. It is possible to hunt … Read more

Early galaxies may have been larger and more complex than previously thought

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Black holes, cosmic monsters that science is trying to tame

Stunning “immersive” monsters, by definition invisible … The mysteries of the universe and physics, black holes have long been detected by scientists who in a few years have managed to uncover them before the eyes of the world. The first “black stars” Their existence was assumed in the late 18th century by the Frenchman Pierre … Read more

spiral galaxies suggest a mysterious interaction with ordinary matter

The standard cosmological model boasts many successes. It is based on the existence of equations ofEinstein of a constant called lambda (Λ) in ancient Greek and which is nothing but Einstein’s famous cosmological constant. Λ behaves as a density ofenergy and that is why we are talking about the existence ofdark energy in standard model. … Read more