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Space station. To the left the crew of Shenzhou 14. In the middle Commander Chen Dong (44 years), veteran of Shenzhou 11 in 2016. To his left Liu Yang (44 years), who was the first female astronaut aboard Shenzhou-9 in 2012; his right Cai Xuzhe (46 years) fighter pilot on his first mission. To the … Read more

Energy from space: China is advancing by two years a program pursued by NASA without success for 20 years

This screenshot taken at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center on July 4, 2021 shows a picture of the Earth from the perspective of the Tianhe Space Station. ©Jin Liwang / Xinhua / AFP Innovation China is working on launching a solar energy plant in space. This ambitious project should make it possible to redirect energy … Read more

From Turkey to China, the race against the electric car is underway

Electrifying the car fleet is a global goal. The means to achieve this are majority. This is stated in the work carried out by an observatory consisting of Avere-France (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) and the law firm De Gaulle Fleurance and Associates, which will be published on Thursday 2 June. → … Read more

Three Chinese return from record stays in space

The three astronauts spent six months on the Chinese space station, with which China hopes to develop its space program and catch up with Europe, the United States and Russia. It is the longest stay that China has ever made in space: The three astronauts from the Shenzhou 13 mission returned to Earth on Saturday … Read more

quantum, nerve in tomorrow’s wars?

Published on: 25/11/2021 – 17:26 The United States on Wednesday added eight Chinese companies specializing in quantum technologies to its blacklist. They claim that these companies posed a danger to American “national security” because this area of ​​science and technology became a major problem for the military of the future. After the battle for smartphones, … Read more