complicated equipment for the disabled?

Between electric cars and PMR, the current does not flow! While Europe voted to ban thermal vehicles from 2035, bodybuilders have yet to find the solution to adapt them to this public. Battery problem.. Soon a 100% electric Europe? On 8 June 2022, the Danish Parliament voted to ban the sale of new thermal cars … Read more

GTA Online: Criminal Enterprises expansion, exclusive GTA + car and bonuses, new features of the week revealed

Rockstar games just inserted patch 1.61 (of which you can find change log precisely in English at this address), and if you want a reminder of what it brings, a post from the official site makes the status. It also reveals that Lampadati Corsita offered to subscribers GTA+ and weekly bonuses. With the heat wave … Read more

Leclerc, Gasly, heat… five questions before the French Grand Prix

DESCRIPTION – Several problems make it possible to imagine a spirited race at the Paul-Ricard circuit this Sunday. At Le Castellet, Will Charles Leclerc be able to resist at the front of the race? Brilliant pole man on Saturday, Charles Leclerc owes a proud light to Carlos Sainz. The Monegasque never stopped repeating his gratitude … Read more

how to save an animal trapped in a car in direct sunlight?

Under temperatures that are as suffocating as this July, cars can very quickly become a real furnace and endanger the lives of our pets, which are all too often forgotten in vehicles. So how do you save these little beasts if you ever find one stuck? We tell you everything. In direct sunlight, the temperature … Read more

Heat wave. Can I smash a car window to save an animal in direct sunlight?

During these periods of high heat, beware of cars parked in direct sunlight. The interior of a vehicle can quickly turn into a real oven, even in a matter of minutes. Can I smash a car window to save an animal from the heat? We answer you. Even in less than 15 minutes, the interior … Read more

Why do our cars “waste” two thirds of their fuel?

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what to do when things go wrong? Update on your rights

Individuals have rented a vehicle while on vacation. After renting, where the agency closes, they park the car in the dedicated parking lot and deposit the keys in the rental company’s mailbox. They receive a delusion a few days later. Facts. We rented a vehicle while on vacation. The rental company gave us the keys … Read more

Top 15 vehicles that are necessarily driven by assholes

Vroom vroom (this is the qualitative imitation of a car), welcome to the world of road vehicles. A universe that, like all universes, mixes people with indisputable qualities and assholes, whose brains probably 90% consist of lukewarm fleet. It is, of course, these other characters we are going to talk about here. Know that they … Read more

Do you pay for a full tank of gasoline without getting out of your car? This is the next feature in CarPlay

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What is “forgotten baby” syndrome?

A one-year-old baby died on Monday 20 June 2022 in Saint-Nazaire in a car where his parents had left him alone when the temperature was around 28 degrees. In this case, scientists talk about “forgotten baby syndrome” when it is an involuntary forgetfulness. We’ll explain to you. A tragedy in Saint-Nazaire. On Monday, June 20, … Read more