must we go there at all costs?

NEWS – Does the current energy crisis call into question the transition from individual mobility to all-electric? Here are some things to think about. The car industry didn’t need that. The clouds gather on the road to the individual car, especially the battery-electric model. The question is no longer taboo: should we finally oblige the … Read more

DS E-Tense Performance, the influence of racing

NEWS – Connected before coronavirus with the trade fair world, the concepts have not disappeared. The latest from the young luxury brand Stellantis is an electrical technology laboratory. It seems to us that DS missed the boat when this brand, which designated a parallel line of premium models, cut the umbilical cord with Citroën in … Read more

UWB digital car keys, how does it work?

The so-called Keyless or keyless systems for the car are practical, but not unanimous. Current security solutions that make a conventional car key redundant can be thwarted. Many high-end car owners who are victims of theft can attest to this. With the so-called Ultrawideband (UWB) technology, more and more car manufacturers want to put an … Read more

“Cannes Film Festival is an opportunity to show all our ability to innovate”

By Morgane Honey Posted 4 minutes ago, Update 4 minutes ago Vincent Salimon, CEO of BMW France: “Cannes Film Festival is an opportunity to show all our ability to innovate” BMW press office BMW is for the first time the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. A love affair with the cinema inscribed in … Read more

Lexus RZ 450e, on the change train

TEST – Designed from the start as a 100% electric vehicle, this large SUV marks the turning point that the Japanese brand has taken on the road to zero emissions. The Toyota Group’s luxury brand is committed: From 2030, its range will be fully electrified. So no time to waste. Illustration with the launch of … Read more