DS E-Tense Performance, the influence of racing

NEWS – Connected before coronavirus with the trade fair world, the concepts have not disappeared. The latest from the young luxury brand Stellantis is an electrical technology laboratory. It seems to us that DS missed the boat when this brand, which designated a parallel line of premium models, cut the umbilical cord with Citroën in … Read more

A teacher killed, many injured by a car thrown at pedestrians in Berlin

The inexplicable gesture of a 29-year-old driver who drove into passers-by in a central artery in Berlin on Wednesday caused the death of a teacher and injured several students who were on a school trip in the capital. The vehicle, a metallic gray Renault Clio, crashed around 1 p.m. 10:30 (08:30 GMT) in the window … Read more

It is possible to travel by electric car, but it is better to be well prepared

Going on holiday in an electric car is possible: a 900-kilometer journey between France and Belgium shows that the charging stations are there, but that it is imperative to prepare your trip to avoid running out of fuel, both networks remain embryonic compared to traditional gas stations. The journey made by an AFP team illustrates … Read more

From Turkey to China, the race against the electric car is underway

Electrifying the car fleet is a global goal. The means to achieve this are majority. This is stated in the work carried out by an observatory consisting of Avere-France (National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) and the law firm De Gaulle Fleurance and Associates, which will be published on Thursday 2 June. → … Read more

Lightyear One solar car goes into production

The technology used by Lightyear, which develops the world’s first high-range solar car, has just been validated says the Dutch tech company in a statement. From now on, the company concentrates on preparing the car for its future drivers with important steps to be taken before it is put into circulation: approval of the number … Read more

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: its new interior is worth a detour! Road test

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of SUVs over the last two decades, it has Mercedes-Benz C-Class continued to generate good sales volume; it is therefore not surprising that the manufacturer attaches great importance to it, especially as it serves as the basis of GLC. The C-Class has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide since its … Read more

Lexus RZ 450e, on the change train

TEST – Designed from the start as a 100% electric vehicle, this large SUV marks the turning point that the Japanese brand has taken on the road to zero emissions. The Toyota Group’s luxury brand is committed: From 2030, its range will be fully electrified. So no time to waste. Illustration with the launch of … Read more