Alma on the trail of galaxy death with the first quasar discovered

3C 273 is a star withinastrophysics and some cosmology. Behind this name, which initially means it’s 273e the subject of the third Cambridge catalog with the sources radio, we find the brightest quasar in the sky. It was discovered in Virgin constellation and we now know that this radio source is produced by a supermassive … Read more

Alma and the Subaru telescope on the trail of the enigmatic killers of Urgalaxes

almost a century ago, Edwin Hubble opened the realm of galaxies to us by showing it mists in the astronomer’s famous catalog Charles Messiersuch as Messier 31 and Messier 87were actually objects outside The Milky Way and that they must therefore be like the Universes, in the sense of Edge in a pamphlet from 1755, … Read more

There would be many habitable Tatooins in the galaxy

There are so manystars in our Universe. So many planets too. Looking for traces of extraterrestrial life is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Aside from perhaps focusing primarily on planets that resemble the only planet we know has allowed life to evolve: our Earth. It is therefore astronomers seek heaven … Read more