Citeo selects 51 projects to launch the collection of packaging in public spaces

The REP household packaging consortium selected 51 out-of-home collection projects for this packaging. This concerns municipalities, public companies, beaches and parks and gardens. Citeo announces that it has selected 51 projects as part of its Call for Expressions of Interest (AMI) dedicated to the collection of household packaging and graphic paper from on-the-go consumption. These … Read more

30 years ago, South Koreans took their first steps into space (1/2)

Part 1 – From the Origins to the First Actors Traumatized by the Communist North Korean War of Invasion (1950-53), the South Korean authorities have never stopped wanting to acquire and master any weapon system that allows them to ensure the security of the territory, starting with rockets. The first rocket studies Initially, despite American … Read more

She could have been the first French woman in space

Beginning with Jacques Blamont Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd was a world-renowned specialist in the physics of comets, asteroids and the interplanetary medium. Professor Emeritus of the Atmospheres Observations Spatiales Laboratory (Latmos) / Sorbonne University (Paris VI Pierre-et-Marie-Curie), she was still extremely active at the time of her disappearance. His brilliant career began with Professor Jacques Blamont, whowelcomed … Read more

40 years ago, the first Frenchman in space (2/2)

[Suite de l’article paru le 23 juin 2022] Part 2: under the sign of the life sciences “The first day on board [de la station orbitale Saliout est] a kind of parenthesis in the lives of the residents, and an installation day for the visitors »will later testify Jean-Loup Chrétien. “Tomorrow will be different; Every day … Read more

the new population alert system via mobile phone is operational

The FR-Alert device allows you to send messages to mobile phones in danger areas. Its coordination with existing alert systems still raises questions. We can no longer deal with crises in the 21st centurye century with a tool from the XXe , admitted the prefect of the Seine-Maritime, Pierre-Andr Durand, after the fire at the … Read more

40 years ago, the first Frenchman in space (1/2)

Part 1: the meeting between the bear and the rooster Since the creation of the Cnes in December 1961, France has implemented its own space policy in the service of greatness and independence. But since the economic and technological means are not the two superpowers, Cne’s officials count on cooperation, also with the Soviet ideological … Read more

The electric car market is experiencing very encouraging global growth

Produced thanks to an international network of law firms and Avere, the 2022 Energy Transitions Observatory confirms that electric mobility is being massively established worldwide. The law firm De Gaulle Flagrance et Associés, in partnership with Avere France, submitted its comments on the state of the transition to electric mobility in the world this Thursday, … Read more

Ofeq 5 or security from space

On September 19, 1988, Israel placed its first artificial satellite Ofeq 1 into orbit using its national launcher Shavit, becoming a space force. Other satellites in the Ofeq (“Horizon”) series were launched in the following years. The goal is then to acquire space technologies, then reinvested in civilian applications (Eros), but also and above all … Read more

“Roccat Syn Buds Air”, portable gaming wireless headphones

Roccat was an expert in high-tech peripherals for years and decided to follow the current fervor by adding wireless headphones to their bow. Although these in-ear headphones are stamped with the brand logo, they have a rather sober design for a product with a gaming touch. This sleek and discreet look, with the absence of … Read more

The Air and Space School offers a new Specialized Master® “Defense and security in space”.

For several years, the space has experienced a particularly marked development, whether in connection with daily life applications (telecommunications, navigation & positioning, bank transfer, earth observation, etc.) or with military operations. This strong growth is not without raising security-related issues. Air and Space School (EAE), in collaboration with Space Command (CDE), National Center for Space … Read more