Tunisia on the brink of crisis

Tunisia’s annual grain demand is approximately 30 million quintiles, equivalent to 3 million quintals per month, roughly distributed as follows: 1.07 million quintits of durum wheat, 1 million quintiles of common wheat and 0.95 million quintiles of barley. The country produces only about 10 million fifths a year and therefore imports 70% of its grain … Read more

Business France and Bpi France announce the winners of the 3rd edition of the Impact Germany program

In collaboration with Bpifrance, Bavaria’s finance department, Mazar’s law firm in Germany, Moove Lab (Station F’s mobility start accelerator founded by MOBILIANs and Via ID), NetMedia International, Smarketer GmbH, from the city of Düsseldorf, where it is based, Business France Germany will support 10 French companies, including eight from the Tech sector and two from … Read more

Thymesia: After the Fire Ring, the Future Bloodborne of the PC? Our opinion on the demo of this Souls like

Play news Thymesia: After the Fire Ring, the Future Bloodborne of the PC? Our opinion on the demo of this Souls like Published on 05/05/2022 at 10:07 Published by Team 17, known for the Worms series, Thymesia is a Souls equally inspired by Bloodborne developed by the Taiwanese studio of OverBorder. While the game is … Read more

Global mobile phone amplifiers market opportunities, future directions, value chain forecast until 2030

The report provides an in-depth analysis of Global market for mobile phone amplifiers, including future trends, market opportunities, current market status, future opportunities, CORONA virus analysis and some important factors that have a major impact on the market during the forecast. . Period. 2030, together with current trends and challenges, market size, share, demand and … Read more

can we build the Millennium Falcon?

The Millennium Falcon is one of Star Wars’ most iconic spaceships. Are we capable of building a similar unit? Response elements. Millennium Falcon – Credit: Lucasfilm Every Star Wars fan has necessarily wanted to travel in the Millennium Falcon, the smuggling ship dear to Han Solo and Chewie. Is it possible to set up such … Read more

still the smartest electric SUV?

The Jaguar I-Pace was unveiled in the fall of 2016 at the Los Angeles Motor Show and was launched two years later. Before boarding, we expected a first-class presentation, but with no certainty about the vehicle’s road behavior. The tested model Except for a few adjustments, Jaguar I-Pace retains its 2018 lines today. With a … Read more

How to easily make an online business?

The creation of an online business makes it possible to overcome certain constraints associated with entrepreneurship. It helps many individuals to generate income without raising large capital. The visibility that the internet offers also enables companies to achieve fame. However, the strategies for its implementation remain ambiguous for some people who would like to get … Read more

HP 15s-fq0075nf, 15-inch Full HD Gray Windows 11 Cheap Thin and Lightweight Office Laptop with Fast SSD and USB-C – LaptopSpirit

Our opinion about HP 15s-fq0075nf Small price perHP 15s-fq0045nf, cheap office PC ready for High Definition with its 15-inch Full HD anti-reflective screen. This slim and lightweight laptop, whose responsiveness is enhanced by its fast SSD storage, is based on a beginner-level ultra-low-power Intel Gemini Lake processor suitable for everyday use. In addition, it runs … Read more