Meta-Hebdo: NFTs in your metaverse image?

Apparently, often is not what they look like – We see it every week in our Meta-Weekly Letter, the metaverse grows. Sandboxes, Decentraland or even more traditional platforms like Roblox, these future social spaces are animated by avatars. Your digital alter ego is then the one that represents you. Web3 technologies now allow us, thanks … Read more

Mazda CX-60 (2022) test: BMW style

Voluntarily and discreetly, Mazda strives for a place among the “best brands”, or the so-called “premium” players. With a series of perfectly matched and stylishly designed products, the Japanese can actually already today be considered part of this club. With this CX-60, they want to consolidate this position. It is the first in a series … Read more

Key Wearable Smart Baby Monitor Market Providers and Forecast Assessment 2022-2030 | Nanit, AGPtek, Summer Infant Inc.

Portable smart baby monitor market research trends to see in 2022 With a new business idea popping up every second and an entrepreneur everywhere you look, how can you make your business stand out? Market research gives you the advantage, even when you are already sure that you have the perfect product – an important … Read more

The European Union believes that Apple is in the “abuse of a dominant position” in mobile payments

The European Union is preparing to impose a large fine on Apple. These are: NFC’s locking of its payment system, which according to Brussels would be anti-competitive. Update | 05/02/2022 at 15:47 As expected, Brussels has just formally beaten Apple’s fingers for its use of Apple Pay. In a press release, the EU explains that … Read more

the car, soon banned from cities (and already absent from the presidential campaign)

This article is part of our “Les focuses de franceinfo” operation, which highlights key topics that were not widely covered in the presidential campaign: housing costs, the crisis in the public hospital, the taboo on mental health and the CO2 footprint of transport. With 48,000 premature deaths a year attributed to pollution, the issue of … Read more