National Quantity Strategy: 10 projects and two EquipEx + selected as part of Priority Research Program and Equipment (PEPR)

Priority Research Programs and Facilities (PEPR) aim to build and consolidate French leadership in scientific areas that are considered priorities at national or European level and are linked – or are likely to be linked – to a large-scale transformation, whether technological, economic, societal, health or environmental. Quantum Technologies PEPR, which supports the highest level … Read more

Part of our galaxy is much older than …

Our galaxy is made up of different elements: roughly speaking, we can distinguish between a central disk, surrounded by a galactic halo, each of which houses structurally different star populations. To reconstruct the history of our galaxy means to determine how many stars are born, in what period, from what case and on what tracks. … Read more

The best 2-in-1 laptops in 2022

Although the health crisis is far from over, it’s time to return to the office, at least in a hybrid form. Result: many nomadic workers will again have to juggle between the office, their home, and meetings outside. What to continue to stimulate the laptop market, which has experienced strong growth in recent years, analyst … Read more

The Threat Of The Metaverse: “Television Will Die With Its Audience” | Technology / Gadgets

To reach young people, broadcasters will have to compete with gaming platforms such as Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft – which are seen as forerunners of the meta-verse – which are already establishing a dominant position. – Photography Jessica Lewis / Unsplash APRIL 10 – TV companies will have to drastically adapt to the rapidly changing … Read more

Understand what a business plan is

The business plans carefully drawn up in 2019 and 2020 have been questioned by a certain number of them, whether in a positive or negative direction because the parameters have changed. It was necessary for the project managers and entrepreneurs to make adjustments. In connection with business creation, the implementation of the business plan or … Read more

Quantum: New Technological Cold War

Quantum: what are we talking about? Quantum physics is a theoretical corpus that studies the interaction between elementary particles and atoms. On this nanometric scale, the laws of Newton, so-called classical physics, cease to apply, and only quantum rules prevail. Current computer systems rely on bits, which are standard units of information that take only … Read more