How to choose the right Business Angel?

To fund the creation or development of his business, the project manager can rely on a Business Angel photo credit: Shutterstock To fund the creation or development of his innovative business, the project manager can call in a Business Angel. Knowing how to choose your future partner well and being able to convince him are … Read more

The promise of quantum computation

May 1981, suburb of Boston. A few dozen leading physicists and computer scientists have gathered for a symposium hosted by MIT and IBM. Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize in Physics, shakes the assembly by outlining a crazy idea: building a quantum computer. His intuition is simple: Since our universe is quantum, it is undoubtedly necessary to … Read more

CNRS is increasing its presence in Canada with the creation of two new laboratories

The scientific cooperation between Canada and France is well established, CNRS is a stakeholder. On April 25, he announced the creation of two new French-Canadian laboratories in addition to the four already established in Canada. These two “international research laboratories” are ” International Laboratory for Learning Systems » in partnership with McGill University, ETS, Mila, … Read more

Reviews of Brotherhood, by Mike Chen • Novels News • Star Wars Universe

Hi every one Within a week (May 10 to be exact) the novel will appear in the United States Brotherhood, by Mike Chen, starring Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the early days of the Clone Wars! (Note, of course, that we do not yet have a French release date for this book.) Lain and … Read more