Discovery of HD1, the most distant galaxy from Earth

It is a new record that takes us far in space and time. Researchers from Harvard (USA) announced on April 7, 2022 in the journal Astrophysical Journal the discovery of the most distant galaxy ever observed. “HD1” is 13.5 billion light years away from us. That’s 100 million more than “GNz11”, the defending champion. And … Read more

discovery of the most distant star and galaxy from Earth – Liberation

The glimpses of ‘Earendel’ and ‘HD1’ mark two milestone advances in astronomy, allowing us to better discern the earliest remnants of the universe, dating back billions of years. Astronomy is a formidable time machine: the more modern the tools, the more advanced the technologies, and the better we manage to uncover the first remnants of … Read more

A galaxy to understand | News

Since ancient Greece, people have wondered about the material composition of the material… of the material. The philosopher Democritus had proposed that everything that exists actually consisted of infinitely small and indivisible bodies: atoms. It is clear that Democritus could not scientifically prove the existence of the atom; it was just a guess. His reasoning … Read more

How can a galaxy act as a telescope?

Observing the distant stars born shortly after the Big Bang is a real challenge. However, astronomers have succeeded by using an innovative method: they use certain galaxies that deform light and play the role of a natural telescope. As telescopes become more sophisticated every day, they reveal ever more distant and detailed objects to us. … Read more

There would be many habitable Tatooine in the galaxy

Half of the stars similar to our sun are what astronomers call double stars. In reality, systems are formed by two stars orbiting each other. A configuration that is not without significance for the composition of the planets that surround them. Including planets that could host extraterrestrial life. There are so manystarsstars in our UniverseUniverse. … Read more

Mystery: why are these two galaxies devoid of dark matter?

Half a century after Rubin’s work, astronomers have still not been able to directly observe dark matter. It neither emits nor reflects light. It does not interact directly with ordinary matter, although its gravity affects the behavior of observable objects such as stars and galaxies. Scientists also believe that dark matter is necessary for galaxies … Read more

Discovery of a primordial galaxy beginning its rotation

It dates from the beginning of the universe, more precisely about 500 million years after the Big Bang. It is the oldest rotating galaxy ever observed and provides clues to the formation of primordial galaxies. Scientists have just discovered galaxygalaxy furthest rotation ever observed. It crossed over 13.26 billion light years before reaching us and … Read more