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Hi every one It’s going to be another big week in Star Wars literature with eight releases on the program, six of them in France! EXCURSIONS IN FRANCE Wednesday, May 11: 100% Star Wars – War of the Bounty Hunters (Official universe) Summary: Bounty Hunter War comes 100% Star Wars! Watch the Boba Fett-centered episodes … Read more

Scientists are discovering the magnetic inversion of a huge black hole: a “rare and enigmatic” phenomenon.

Credit: NASA Goddard YouTube Channel According to a new statement from NASA, the strange phenomenon highlighted by an international team of scientists can be attributed to the magnetic reversal of a massive black hole. Scientists have discovered an eruption of light, at different wavelengths, described as “rare and enigmatic”, which took place in a galaxy … Read more

A “monstrous” mini-black hole dug up in a dwarf galaxy

A team of astronomers has discovered a supermassive black hole on a few hundred thousand solar masses in a dwarf galaxy, Mrk 462. The discovery of this “small” black hole hidden by gas and matter could allow scientists to learn more about formation and life cycle of these cosmic phenomena. Among the cosmic ogres that … Read more

Our galaxy is much older than expected

By deriving the age of about 250,000 stars in the galaxy using two powerful telescopes, a team of astronomers has determined that these objects were formed about thirteen billion years ago, or two billion years earlier than expected. Our galaxy is made up of different parts. Near the center is a huge bulge of stars. … Read more