Health – My health space: you choose which health professionals can access your data

Credit: © Before activation ” My health room », the new interactive digital health journal available on, you may be wondering about the protection of medical confidentiality, the level of confidentiality of the data stored there, and whether other people can access it. You have complete control over the access to your documents, … Read more

SpaceX: Can we grow meat in space?

James Clayton North America Technology Reporter April 30, 2022 Image Credit, Getty Images Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk want to colonize space. NASA is also trying to send humans to Mars’ dusty surface. But if humans want to establish communities on the moon or the planets, then what will they eat? Many experiments have … Read more

A new room dedicated to dogs inaugurated in Chartres

A Siberian Husky, a Golden Retriever, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Malinois, a Hungarian Shepherd, a Creole Shepherd, a Brittany Spaniel, a Schipperke, three Manchester Terriers and three crosses rubbed effortlessly, Saturday, April 30, 2022 in a dog area of ​​1,000 m2, created especially for them, at 3 rue des Petites Filles Dieu, in Chartres. … Read more

Alain Deneault, room for doubt

Woke, racist, sweet dreamer or “privileged”. For several years now, bird names have been raining down on the public debate. Positions are sharpened and words are deprived of their meaning. “When our debates turn into struggles, they fall into moralism, agitation and intoxication,” writes philosopher and essayist Alain Deneault in a new essay entitled manners. … Read more