MoonDAO will be the first DAO to send a person into space

MoonDAO will be the first DAO to send a person into space

The decentralized self-governing organization MoonDAO, which wants to democratize access to space, has succeeded in the unusual effort of getting a person to travel aboard a New Shepard rocket from Blue Origin. Content creator Coby Cotton becomes the first person to go into space thanks to a DAO. MoonDAO has raised funds to send … Read more

The oldest clusters of dark matter observed in the universe are not as expected!

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Secrets of the Planck Mission The Planck satellite is a formidable time machine capable of revealing to us numerous secrets about the origin, structure and composition of the universe. Cosmologists and astrophysicists have used it to map across the firmament, with unparalleled precision, the temperature and polarization fluctuations … Read more

Growth of improvements in product design, demand and supply 2022-2030

Mobile Service Space Market Professional Survey Report 2030 The Mobile Service Space Market research report provides valuable insights that can assist entrepreneurs in expanding their business. Market reports have become an integral part of society in this rapidly changing market. Therefore, the Mobile Service Space market report is designed to be awaited. It contains important … Read more

Laval: Little by little, Espace Saint-Julien is coming to life

By Thomas Blond Published it 6. 22 August at 19:07 Mayenne couriers See my news Follow this medium Antoine Soubrier, Head of Communications, Benoit Gruau, President of the Saint-Julien Endowment Foundation, and Marie-Aude de Boisriou, Director of Logis, at the reception of the senior housing. (©CDLM) Excavators and many craftsmen continue to roam the alleys … Read more

Petrus and vines in space: meeting Nicolas Gaume, co-founder of Space Cargo Unltd: “We have encouraged the creation of a new variety of vines”

Tests since carried out by the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) at the University of Bordeaux have shown that Petrus was still “a very big wine” after its stay in space. At the end of a blind tasting, differences were nevertheless noted between the “heavenly” version and the one left on earth, mainly … Read more

Nanda Vigo’s inner space

Designer, architect and Italian artist, Nanda Vigo developed throughout his life a transversal approach to art, space and object. Born in 1936 and died in 2020, it mixes glass, aluminum, mirror or even neon light in his experimental creations question space-time. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Bordeaux organizes its first monograph, a … Read more