Tonale, a worthy heir to Alfa Romeo

Tonale, a worthy heir to Alfa Romeo

After relaunching the brand with the Giulia sedan and the success of the high-end Stelvio SUV, Alfa Romeo is moving into the field of urban SUVs. Successful transition to a brand with a very strong identity and a demanding clientele? Stellantis Galaxy has by no means forgotten its fine Milanese brand. After resurrecting it from … Read more

A ‘glowing’ bubble of gas circles the Milky Way’s giant black hole at breakneck speed

On May 12, 2022, the very first image of the central black hole in our galaxy, Sagittarius A*, was revealed. Scientists have since continued their studies of this supermassive star. And by observing data from the Alma radio telescope, they made a surprising discovery: a bubble of glowing gas is orbiting the black hole at … Read more

it was repeated 2,000 times

Scientists have discovered a new cryptic Fast Radio Burst. The signal comes from a galaxy similar to the Milky Way and has been repeated 2,000 times. An illustration of the FAST radio telescope capturing the signal. 1 credit Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), “Fast Radio Flashes” in our parlance, are among the most fascinating, explosive and … Read more

the far right sees “great replacement” everywhere – Liberation

IRL: influence of online radicalism After a statement by Emmanuel Macron that provoked the “distribution” on French territory of exiles in a regular situation, Lepenists and Zemmourians went on a loop about conspiracy and racist theories. A shallot that relativizes the notabilization effort in the National Rally. “They are there, they are in the countryside, … Read more

Test – OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition: In the room, everyone hears you sing. | Xbox One

SIGONO is a developer and publisher not known in our latitudes. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and operating mainly on mobile, he rose to prominence in 2016 with OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, a space adventure with sketchy graphics that offered us to accompany an unlikely trio in their search for the planet. The earth. … Read more

“It was like a galaxy of fire exploding”

French photographer Armand Sarlangue has won the most prestigious prize in the Siena Awards photo competition. He told us behind the scenes about his exceptional shoot in Iceland. Inauguration for Armand Sarlangue. The French photographer was awarded at the Drone Photo Awards 2022, presented by the Siena Awards. His photo of a volcanic fissure, immortalized … Read more