Ertha’s Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs purchased for $ 60,000.

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The game’s passionate community has already spent over a million dollars. $ 60,000 on these NFTs, though their purpose so far has been a mystery. Ertha players will instantly travel between their home planet and Moon – a brand new sci-fi-inspired metaverse. Portals are an easy source for passive income. … Read more

Metaplay, a unique online Metaverse design course launched for students

London [UK]April 16 (ANI / PNN): A unique 3-week online course has been launched for design students, focusing on designing entertainment venues in the meta-verse. Design Futures Foundation (DFF), USA, in collaboration with Dezact, UK and Avani Institute of Design, India, launched the online course entitled “MetaPlay” to promote the potential and viability of new … Read more

The first school dedicated exclusively to the metaverse opens its doors in Paris

It’s a world first. This Friday, March 11, at BPI France, Ridouan Abagri announces the creation of Metaverse College, the very first school dedicated solely to the creation, structuring, and evolution of these 3D universes. “There are specialized training courses within certain institutions, but not yet a 100% metavers structure. For once, we in France … Read more

Do you think Metaverse already exists?

Exactly 20 years ago, I unknowingly prepared to contribute modestly to 2 of the 6 bricks in Metaverset: I was completing my studies as a telecommunications engineer, and on March 6, 2001, I started an internship at the Australian National University, where I had to explore the boundaries of Virtual Reality, which already fascinated me … Read more