The 5 cheapest electric cars to drive

For € 18,690 excluding bonuses, the cheapest electric car on the market is already not given. While the generous CO2 bonus brings the price of a Dacia spring down to € 13,000 by buying the new one, this tax increase should not make us forget that, despite favorable policies and efforts on the part of … Read more

Electric, hybrid, thermal car … What for whom?

Between the builders’ communication, with fatally questionable objectivity, the speech of certain elected representatives, often ill-informed, and the government’s injunctions, which are not always in touch with reality, Choosing the right new car in 2022 is a challenge. The car is changing. The declared war on diesel, which was so idolized yesterday, and some quasi-fanaticism … Read more

Road safety: a black box in our cars

L ‘Electronics are slipping into modern cars everywhere, whose software can already be talkative in the hands of experts. But it will be even easier with the black box, whose principle, which was adopted by the European Parliament in 2019 as part of provisions to improve road safety, is coming to an end. The measure, … Read more