Economy. The car becomes a luxury product

The private car, an outward sign of wealth? If certain luxury brands have made it their specialty for ages, the models of Mr. and mrs. Everybody in the process of becoming luxury products as their purchase prices have become prohibitive. It is necessary to pay an average of 26,000 euros to acquire a new four-wheel … Read more

Franche-Comté A ghost seen around Château de Joux? His car is blocked by a construction site, he loses his job… The most unusual miscellaneous events of the week

Pontarlier: The Ghost of Berthe de Joux or the Green Fairy? So appearance or spot on the screen… No panel or anything else seems to be able to reflect the sunlight there. Photo DR The heritage days were an opportunity for many to rediscover the cultural riches of our cities. Unfortunately, the number of places … Read more