The clash of legitimacy

Parliament, rejected by a large majority of Tunisians, met in plenary on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Rejected, insulted, rejected, so that when the measures were announced by the President of the Republic on July 25, the relief had been there. Deputies are back today to reverse the president’s actions, they say. The day after a … Read more

The good news from ad

A quote from Al Moutanabi’s poem, uttered by the President of the Republic and the media policy sphere, is in the running. Yes, we have come to this point, to dissect the slightest sign, the slightest symbolism, the slightest hidden meaning of the things that Kais Saïed charges. At each new step in the process … Read more

female entrepreneurial business platform was born out of the desire to offer a solution in line with the need for balance between women’s professional and personal lives and to respond to companies’ current challenges in the search for flexibility in the management of their resources. With the advent of the micro-entrepreneurship regime, there is an increase of 17.5% … Read more

The three business models for delivery platforms

In recent years, a new form of consumer delivery has developed in urban centers: crowd-delivery or “crowd delivery”. This is a practice that falls within the framework of “crowd-sourcing” initiatives. Crowd delivery by definition consists of using a crowd of individuals to take responsibility for the final delivery to consumers. Proposed in city centers by … Read more