there is a slowdown in EU aid

Khemaies Jhinaoui: There is a slowdown in EU aid The former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khemaies Jhinaouiargued that globalization covered the analysis of the internal situation of a particular country carried out by its partners. “ We are in constant dialogue with them (L ‘European Union and other Tunisian partners, editor’s note). We have to … Read more

Nouvelair sends out an emergency call and tackles the conditions at Tunis-Carthage airport

Nouvelair sends out an emergency call and tackles the conditions at Tunis-Carthage airport A press briefing was held on Friday the 1stuh April 2022, to present the program to the airline Nouvelair as well as its new services. The event was an opportunity to honestly discuss the issues associated with Tunis-Carthage Airport, which has become … Read more

Why the abandonment of the “Doing Business” rankings was necessary

Published on: 20/09/2021 – 08:34 Leave the almighty “Doing Business”, which is published every year by the World Bank. It was definitely abandoned on Thursday, September 16, 2021. So much the better, rejoice all those who have disputed it for many years already. And there are plenty of them. There are, of course, the poorly … Read more

crises create new opportunities, the Community

By creating new expectations and new needs, crises open up opportunities for daring entrepreneurs. They encourage innovation and accelerate the development of agile start-ups. Philippe Deljurie confirms it: ideas for creating boxes, currently he has about ten! His ideas, this entrepreneur, co-founder of Meteojob and experienced business angel, says he draws them “in relation to … Read more

Sport Business, or how to combine profession and passion in higher education?

// © ESC Clermont Decryption Suggested by ESC Clermont Business School By The Fab Studentpublished February 3, 2022 8 min In 2019, the sports market weighed almost 800 billion euros worldwide. It mobilizes more and more players present on all fronts (textiles, sportswear, media coverage of professional athletes, video games and social networks) and brings … Read more

now plan your stories on Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook announced the addition of new features to its all-in-one business platform Business Suite, including scheduling stories on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a new business presentation process from News Feed … history programming Facebook launches a new option in Business Suite, its latest enterprise management platform. As a reminder, Facebook Business Suite is … Read more

Become a business angel in 12 steps

The 12 bids from Business Angel are taken from Olivier Ezratty’s guide to high-tech start-ups and are precautions to be taken by anyone wishing to invest in a start-up in this property. Applicable to investors as well as startup executives, these few points can help both sides during their transactions, especially if you want to … Read more

what you need to know about the banking offer for the self-employed at Hi bank!

Already known for having conquered the individual market, Hello bank! is now addressing independent professionals. Netbanken has launched Hello Business, a banking offer designed exclusively for self-employed entrepreneurs. Rated 9 out of 10 in our columns, Hello bank! is one of the best online banks in France. Based on its expertise, the company is now … Read more