What is a business school? All about business schools.

A business school (also called a business school) is a higher education institution that awards diplomas in various sectors such as commerce, management, leadership or marketing. But what do we learn in leadership school? What are the differences between Grande Ecole, bachelor and BBA programs? Five point answer! With almost 200,000 students each year, French … Read more

Business France: The Court of Auditors makes its observations

In 2015, the French International Investment Agency (Afii) and Ubifrance, two public institutions, merged with Business France. Placed under the supervision of the Ministries responsible for Economy, Foreign Affairs and Territories, this new public industrial and commercial enterprise (Epic) was entrusted with four main tasks: the international development of enterprises and their exports, which mainly … Read more

How the enclosed fashion business flourished

The industry has been able to identify and take advantage of the new rituals, needs, and fragmented codes associated with our defined communities by launching trends and customized products. Which now forms a sector in itself: “lockdown mode”, mode under confinement. Virginia Woolf saw in clothing more than items “has the function of keeping us … Read more

Microsoft Defender for Business is available in a general version

Microsoft has announced that their security tool for small and medium-sized businesses is now available. The standalone version of Microsoft Defender for Business helps protect against ransomware and other cyber threats, and according to Microsoft, brings “enterprise-grade endpoint security to SMEs.” The company highlights the importance of its solution and says that almost a quarter … Read more

Njib Chebbi, a political life

By Hamadi Redissi Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, Al-Masira wal Massar (My Life, My Itinerary), Tunis, Kalimât ‘abira, 2022 A desire for politics animates Al-Masira wal Massar. Its author Néjib Chebbi had only one life, completely devoted to politics. He even says the embarrassment he feels when talking about something else, his privacy and his family. Bios … Read more

Philippe Gattet, Understanding Business Models in 5 Minutes – Understanding

A business model is the description of how a business makes money. To analyze a business model (or in French a business model or economic model) is to describe a company’s offer, its particular organization, the specificity of its assets … which enables it to achieve a certain level of income and profitability. The business … Read more