“The creative economy, a company like any other”, David Derhy (eToro)

In less than ten years, a new way of working has evolved more and faster in the modern economic world. As in other areas, technology has paved the way for new applications, which in themselves have generated new economic models. Thanks to the development of revenue generation, advertising and the arrival of advertisers on social … Read more

Sam Tanson presented the reform of the Luxembourg business registers

© MJUST (from left to right) Yves Gonner, Director of the Luxembourg Business Registers (LBR); Sam Tanson, Attorney General; Daniel Ruppert, Director Directorate of Commercial Law, Ministry of Justice This ambitious transformation over the period 2021 to 2023 includes the introduction of administrative sanctions, the purpose of which is to improve the quality, reliability and … Read more

34 multinational companies are taking action against inequality

Implement a new business model that is less unequal. Such is the ambition of the coalition “Business for inclusive growth” (B4IG), which brings together 34 companies from rich countries (1). These leaders employ almost four million people worldwide and have a total turnover of 1,000 billion euros. It includes Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Danone or … Read more

What is a business school? All about business schools.

A business school (also called a business school) is a higher education institution that awards diplomas in various sectors such as commerce, management, leadership or marketing. But what do we learn in leadership school? What are the differences between Grande Ecole, bachelor and BBA programs? Five point answer! With almost 200,000 students each year, French … Read more

Business France: The Court of Auditors makes its observations

In 2015, the French International Investment Agency (Afii) and Ubifrance, two public institutions, merged with Business France. Placed under the supervision of the Ministries responsible for Economy, Foreign Affairs and Territories, this new public industrial and commercial enterprise (Epic) was entrusted with four main tasks: the international development of enterprises and their exports, which mainly … Read more