Will slot machines dominate the games of the metaverse?

Will slot machines dominate the games of the metaverse?

Digital games are not new, as the gaming sector was one of the first to fully exploit the potential of the internet and the web. Of course, gambling is also a part of this world, and today there are hundreds of platforms that allow gambling enthusiasts worldwide to play online, regardless of the type of bet they are betting on. They prefer: slot machines, poker tables, roulette and even live streaming rooms are now easily accessible by registering with an online casino.

The emergence of Web 3.0 and decentralized networks, on the other hand, are still largely unexplored concepts that have nevertheless gained more and more acceptance and importance in recent years. The success of cryptocurrencies has opened up a new universe of possibilities, and the gambling world also seems to be directly affected.

It is therefore at Vegas Casino we decided to take a look at the topic and explain what changes are already underway and what elements or factors could revolutionize the online gambling sector compared to the metaverse.


Metaverse: a reality for gambling?

Did you know that you already have a chance to join more than one metaverse casino? Truth be told, it’s still a new concept, and even big players like Facebook (or Meta) admit there’s still a long way to go.

When it comes to casinos on the metaverse, players can interact with different digital worlds and meet real people virtually. This unique experience gives them something that everyone lacks: social interaction. Land-based casinos are still a better option for this activity than online casinos. However, the gap will narrow once the casinos in the metaverse leave their experimental phase.

Metaverse casino games

Of course, modern players want to know what types of games they can play in the metaverse, and the answer is: all types of casino games. These casinos have everything you need, from blackjack and roulette to poker and slot machines. However, this does not mean that online slots, which are the most popular category of casino games, will remain dominant. Given the specific nature of the metaverse, we may be witnessing a new trend.

What is the future of slots in the Metaverse?

Analyzing the offerings of the most popular online casinos today, you will notice that the vast majority of titles belong to the slot machines category. It would be hard to find a gaming site where more than 30% of the games are not slots. This makes sense because they are easy to play, fun and versatile. In addition, some promise great prizes that cannot be found anywhere else.

But in the metaverse will we see the same trend? Honestly, it’s not easy to predict. As we said, several casinos in the metaverse are not very popular, and this is mainly due to a huge legal vacuum: the best-known authorities in this area, such as the UKGC and the MGA, are reluctant to issue licenses to this type of casino.

The popularity of slot machines may be lower for more than one reason. First of all for its social aspect: When you play blackjack, you do it with a couple of players on the same virtual table. Many online games of this type allow you to chat with the other participants. This makes no sense when playing slots because you spin the reels independently. This is not a multiplayer game, at least not yet.

The different types of gambling in the metaverse

Since gambling in the metaverse is not yet established (they are in their experimental phase), we cannot give a definition of what it looks like. Existing metaverse casinos go in two directions.

First, there are platforms available on regular websites that you can access and use via desktop and mobile browsers. Then we have metaverse VR casinos, where the central idea is to use a VR headset to get the best experience. Logically, metaverse VR gambling should grow faster, because that’s the whole point of the metaverse experience: socializing in a virtual world using high-end VR headsets is something you can’t witness using web browsers.

The technologies to enable such experiences must be able to reproduce typical human sensations (such as touch, hearing, sight) as closely as possible. The largest and most recognized terrestrial arcades are meant to be faithfully reproduced. It is not excluded that virtual worlds dedicated exclusively to the gaming world will be created, Las Vegas in 3D accessible to everyone and in perpetual activity, even with slot machines!

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