In the middle of the bear market, successfully raises funds for its metaverse!

Totem Media, the French company behind iStripper and VR Paradise, goes Web3 with DOLZ. The project has planned several NFT collections for adults that will allow them to have an ultimate and immersive experience in the metaverse. To try the adventure, the $DOLZ token presale is still open until January 4, 2023.

Totem Media was created in 1998 by Richard Excoffier & Hervé Lucchi, two engineers from the video game industry. Together they came up with the idea of ​​utilizing the broadcasting power the Internet offers combined with video embedding.

From this idea iStripper was born (originally called VirtuaGirl). This product comes in trading card form. In 2018, the two friends launched VR Paradise on Steam. This is the world’s first erotic virtual reality game. iStripper boasts a loyal community of 300,000 members. VR Paradise, on the other hand, has no less than 100,000 members.

From this base, Totem Media transports these flagship products into the metaverse to develop its DOLZ project. Collect, earn and play with premium NFTs in a mature metaverse designed for collectors and gamers. This is what the DOLZ project is all about. This unique ecosystem provides two NFT collections that allow you to collect exhibition cards. These are the iStripper and VR Paradise collections.

NFT iStripper

This collection will allow holders to collect and trade adult NFT cards. With one of these cards, the owner can unlock a 40-minute erotic show.

NFTs are ranked from “common” to “legendary”, with the latter being the highest rank. Their value varies according to this rank. iStripper’s adult community has surpassed 300,000 members with over 20 million downloads.

iStripper NFT Card

NFT VR Paradise

This is a collection of 3D NFTs needed to own a strip club and design characters in the DOLZ VR Paradise universe. This collection allows you to create and manage galleries in the DOLZ metaverse as well as the ecosystem multiplayer game.

VR Paradise Pole Dancing Figure

Partner NFTs

To these two collections are added the partner NFTs created by partners and individuals. DOLZ takes over the supervision, publication and distribution of these NFTs.

The DOLZ token at the heart of the project

$DOLZ is the project’s native token. These tokens will be used throughout the DOLZ ecosystem and associated metaverse. They will unlock exclusive benefits: discounts, unique content, etc.

The token will also be used to purchase mystery boxes of NFTs from each collection. These NFTs can be traded on the marketplace to earn $DOLZ and other crypto assets like USDT, BNB and ETH.

Bringing the concept of GameFi to the adult world, the DOLZ community will be rewarded with free NFTs via a Play-to-Earn mechanism and by staking their $DOLZ tokens.

Users will also own their personal DOLZ VR Museum where they can display their NFT. The showroom is fully customizable.

Fan tokens are also on the agenda. Their owners will enjoy higher privileges. Among other things, they will be able to vote on the next iStripper shoot, their favorite model, the next developments, etc.

Finally, you should know that DOLZ will have its own creation platform. The latter will allow users to develop and create their own NFTs that can be used in the multiplayer game and the metaverse. The platform will provide creators with all the necessary tools for design.

Dolz logo

The last pre-sale round is open until January 4

The final presale round is still open until January 4, 2023. For this final round, the ecosystem is selling 260,000,000 $DOLZ tokens with a minimum purchase price of $100 ($1 DOLZ is worth $0.012). The investor can buy as many tokens as he wants.

The presale provides access to exclusive benefits including NFTs or even early access to the first NFT drops. The ecosystem also offers a referral program through which the investor can earn 5% of all investments from his friends by sharing his referral link.

Due to legal restrictions, Americans, who make up 60% of the clientele, do not have access to the pre-sale. The token will be listed on Uniswap on January 11. All countries unable to participate in the presale will then be able to acquire their tokens to use anywhere in the DOLZ ecosystem and metaverse. This presale therefore allows you to get a head start, and Totem predicts that the arrival of Americans deprived of presales will exert buying pressure on the IPO.

To participate in the pre-sale, the investor must complete a KYC (Know Your Customer). The Company implemented this identity verification process in conjunction with

DOLZ: What’s next?

At the end of this final presale round, the company will launch the issuance of the first fan tokens and will list the DEXs and centralized exchanges on which the $DOLZ token will be referenced.

All of this will take place in the first quarter of 2023. The first drop of DOLZ trading cards is also planned for the first three months of next year.

Totem Media will then launch the beta version of its metaverse sometime in the second quarter of 2023. This includes the implementation of the NFT creation platform, the VR Paradise universe, the DOLZ VR museum, and the VR multiplayer beta. Heaven.


DOLZ is at the crossroads of the adult industry, GameFi and the booming virtual reality market. The project builds on Totem Media’s 20 years of experience in the adult industry around the world. It is therefore a promising project whose pre-sales success seems to defy the current bear market. Richard Excoffier, co-founder of Totem, says: “We have always been pioneers in adapting new technologies for adults. iStripper resisted the rise of adult tubes by basing its business model on the collection of cards and content that cannot be touched. The success we had with VR Paradise confirmed our choice . Blockchain is simply a logical next step for us.”

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