The Linux Foundation launches the Open Metaverse Foundation to move the metaverse from promise to reality through collaboration and the development of open source software and standards

The new Open Metaverse Foundation lays the groundwork for practical and powerful advances in building immersive, global and evolving worlds together. The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization whose goal is to promote innovation through open source, created the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF), whose mission is to create a space for collaboration between different industries to work on developing open source software and standards for an inclusive, global, supplier-neutral and scalable metaverse.

Many leading open source organizations and communities have joined the founding members to support efforts to realize this vision. These include ChainHub Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Futurewei, GenXP, Guangdong Digital Industry Research Institute, Hyperledger Foundation, LF Edge, LF Networking, from OpenSDV, Open Voice Network and Veriken, among others. Together, these players bring years of knowledge and experience to tackle initiatives spanning artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and edge computing, digital assets, transactions, identity, networking, simulations, security and more.

We are only in the early days of the vision for an open metaverse, and we recognize that many open source communities and foundations are working on critical pieces of this iterative puzzle,” said Royal O’Brien, CEO, “While the challenges may seem. scary, I am encouraged by the possibilities of collaborating with a large global community to bring these pieces together and turn this vision into reality.

OMF Core interest groups

The Open Metaverse Foundation is organized into Core Interest Groups (FIGs) that allow for a focused and distributed decision-making structure for key topics. FIGs provide targeted resources and forums to identify new ideas, complete work and onboard new contributors. They consist of members from specific disciplines who are committed to advancing projects or developing technologies in their field and ensuring that ownership of the code for each identifiable sub-part of the projects (e.g., repository, sub-directory, API, test, issue, RP) are processed and managed. OMF’s eight core interest groups are:

  1. Users
  2. Transactions
  3. digital assets
  4. Simulations and virtual worlds
  5. Artificial intelligence
  6. network
  7. Security and privacy
  8. Legal and political

Supporting Quotes:

Taylor DolezalEcosystem Lead, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
The metaverse offers exciting possibilities by revolutionizing the way we interact and engage, but it comes with enormous technical challenges. Through the power of open innovation, the Open Metaverse Foundation will encourage collaboration and community building to fulfill this promise. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation looks forward to bringing its deep expertise to develop cloud computing technologies and infrastructure to address these challenges. Together we will build a truly open and accessible virtual world where everyone can participate.

Annie LaiHead of Open Source Operations and Marketing, Futurewei
Our industry needs innovation through interoperability driven by open source and open standards to fulfill the promise of the metaverse – if we are to build something that benefits everyone – as was the case with early architectures of the Internet. Futurewei believes in the power of open source and open collaboration, and we are excited to engage in building the community of the Open Metaverse Foundation to expand the initiatives we already have underway in XR. , Web3, mobile games and more.

Vince McMullinCEO, GenXP
The Metaverse is not an expensive VR headset. These are not NFTs. It’s not even about Web3. Metaverse is an open set of data standards that enable shared, accessible and persistent 3D experiences. The Open Metaverse Foundation is a tool for industry and community-wide collaboration to develop open standards and open source implementations for an open metaverse. As a leader in the delivery of tools and technologies, we enable new and extraordinary ways to experience, engage and excite our users through interactive and immersive 3D experiences. GenXP is pleased to join the Foundation to help make these experiences possible.“.

Daniela BarbosaCEO of Hyperledger Foundation and CEO of Blockchain and Identity, Linux Foundation.
We are just beginning to see the potential of the metaverse. The impact of the combination of the internet of places and value will be enormous if we work together to build open, scalable and decentralized technologies. OMF brings the Linux Foundation’s proven open development model to this complex but exciting new opportunity, providing the companies and developers who shape it with a neutral home to realize their vision. The Hyperledger Foundation’s expertise and technologies in distributed ledgers and digital trust will be critical to this effort.

Ranny HaibyTechnical Director, Network, Peripheral and Access Technologies, Linux Foundation
The metaverse offers unprecedented challenges for edge computing and networking. We hope that the Open Metaverse Foundation will become the platform for defining the necessary technological solutions. Industry-wide collaboration is the only way to engage in such complex projects. The LF Edge and Networking communities are well positioned to deliver the open source technologies defined by the Open Metaverse Foundation. We look forward to a close collaboration with the new fund and foresee many potential synergies between it and our projects.“.

Jon SteinCEO, Open Voice Network
At the heart of the Open Metaverse Foundation, a diversity of industry experts and open source communities come together to take the concept of metaverse from promise to reality, while ensuring that it delivers a great experience and immerses all users. It’s about offering optimal choices, a rich development ecosystem, security and ease of use. That’s why the Open Voice Network—a Linux Foundation community developing open standards and ethical use guidelines for the metaverse’s inevitable interface, conversational AI—is thrilled to partner with the Open Metaverse Foundation.

Chris Clasonfounder and CEO, Veriken
The metaverse will drive demand for innovative digital products while providing the framework to connect creators directly to consumers, paving the way for a disruptive opportunity not seen since the early days of the Internet. Veriken is excited to work with the Open Metaverse Foundation to create the open digital commerce and proprietary standards needed to accelerate the initial adoption of the metaverse and protect the long-term interests of all stakeholders, including consumers, individual artists and businesses.

Source: OpenMV

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