Metaverse: is this the workplace of the future?

  • Jane Wakefield
  • Technology

image credit, Getty Images


Could your commute to work in the future just be a simple walk to pick up your VR headset?

Looking back 50 years from now, it’s likely that the 2D internet we all use today will seem laughably archaic.

Not only will the internet no longer likely exist behind a screen, but we will likely interact with it differently.

We will manipulate objects using augmented reality (AR), explore virtual reality (VR) worlds, and merge the real and the digital in ways we cannot currently imagine.

And what does this mean for the world of work? We are already moving away from the home-to-work commute and turning our backs on the traditional office. And that’s thanks to two years of pandemic lockdowns and a new love, or tolerance, for virtual meetings.

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