How to hide friends on Facebook?

There are very simple techniques to hide your friends on social networks. This is also a very prevalent trend on the metaverse. By following this guide you will find out how to do it.

While Facebook has changed the name of Metaverse, the features remain the same. Although updates have been made, the platform offers its services for free in exchange for data. Thanks to this fact, you can send and receive messages, make audio and video calls. In addition, you can also swipe left and right on the dating platform, watch videos, discuss in groups, interact during posts, create posts, share ideas on pages. Have fun in participation in games and competitions, tag and be tagged by friends or community. On a standard profile, all visitors can access the list of your friends. We can therefore know who you hang out with when you are connected. However, not everyone needs to know everything about you. Here is the technique to hide your friends on Facebook to maintain some privacy.

Why your friends are visible on Metaverse

In Facebook’s policy, one point guides the group’s actions. It is “link”. In fact, when visitors have access to your account, they can view friends’ profiles on your account and then access their news feed. If they think you have friends who post publications related to their point of interest, they can invite your friends to be their friends. To share the same interests. What will constitute the idea of ​​”link”. However, Facebook may not be able to send your request to anyone outside of your circle of friends. and if Facebook does, it’s up to the person the profile was sent to whether or not to validate this new link request. Finally, your friends’ visibility on the Facebook platform allows you to create social bonds. And you can choose who may or may not be your friend. You can also choose to hide this friend list at the same time, so that no one has access to it.

Why do some friends appear first in the Facebook box on a default profile?

According to Facebook, some friends show up 6 boxes (small frames with pictures and names of friends) to push for interaction. Because the platform wants to encourage conversation, exchanges, sociability. So, weaving of joints. But the other aspect is also without really forcing you to stay even longer on the platform. The purpose fulfills commercial purposes.

How do you hide your friends on Facebook?

The technique is simple and easy. We invite you to visit your profile. Once there, you will look for the button “change the profile“, “three little dots (…)”. Tap these three little dots. A new page opens with buttons. Go all the way to the bottom with the button “Privacy Center” with the padlock icon on the left. Press this button which takes you to a new page. First you will see: “Protect you and your information”. Press this button. A new page will open and support what is marked with “Limit who can see what you share”. Finally, at the very bottom of the “Limit who can see your links”. You will see “Hide your friends list”. You press this button and you will land on a new page that shows who your friends can see. There you must select “Only me” if you want to be the only person who can see your friends list. Then exit the application and restart your phone, normally everything should be fine. No one will be able to see your friends list except you.

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