Touch and smell: the metaverse ready to deceive our senses?

Can’t you smell that funny smell? – Imagine being able to say that in the heart of your favorite metaverse. A technological feature that has something to excite more than one player. And not just them. The impression of reality is making more and more concrete progress within gaming and the technologies of the metaverse. All the details of this promising innovation.

Like a smell of technological revolution

Reconstruction of reality is now Ingres’ violin for many new players in this innovative sector called metaverse. Armed with our VR headset, our vision can already be mistaken. But what about our other senses? One by one, companies attack it, and the next victim seems obvious: our sense of smell.

On the occasion of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023many revolutions occur and some have something to dream about. According to analysts at the consulting firm McKinsey, the sector may actually become the next goose that lays the golden egg. Projections estimate the benefits generated by the sector at several billion dollars by 2030. In short, the giants of tomorrow are born today, at CES 2023.

The company OVR technology for example revealed during this show one virtual reality headset to smell odor. The device comes with a box of 8 scents that can all be combined to simulate a full panel of smelling scents.

Metaverse shifts into high gear and will soon capture your sense of smell

This device will be perfected in the coming months to, in all likelihood, be marketed at the end of 2023. An earlier version of it, used in marketing, already made it possible to reproduce very special smells, such as that of boiled marshmallows or a bed of roses.

For the CEO of OVR Technology, Aaron Wisniewskithem applications of this augmented reality, when completed, it will be very varied. Shops, entertainment, social networks, education and health…

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Another company, Fire Flares, is also building an application based on augmented reality. It would rather attack our sense of touch. The idea is as follows: to develop a VR dating app to introduce this real sense of touch. By its own admission, the limiting factor remains the technology, which is not yet ready to accommodate this type of application. Putting on a suit full of sensors before going for a spin on your favorite metaverse app would be potentially off-putting.

Moreover, according to statements from CES participants who tested the various products, they are still far from giving a real impression of reality. We also see it the difficulties encountered by Metathe company of Mark Zuckerberg. People currently seem put off by these technologies that try to replicate their reality.

Yes, why reproduce in the virtual experiences that you can easily live in the real world? The metaverse probably has one great future in the gaming or cinema sector in the sense that it enhances user immersion. The metaverse is to be used to give individuals experiences that they would not be able to live in reality. These new worlds must not be satisfied with trying to reproduce a banal reality, but with transcending it. And indeed, this new technology still has many steps to go before it claims to be able to shape the world of tomorrow.

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