FIAT Metaverse Store World Premiere –

The FIAT brand returns to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the world’s most famous high-tech event, with two major displays featuring the electric New 500, the spearhead of FIAT’s electrification strategy.

CES® 2023, which will take place from January 5 to 8, is the global platform for innovation and the ideal setting for FIAT, a global brand that promotes “tech it easy” accessible to all by offering simple and intuitive technology.

In this perspective, FIAT will present to the public for the very first time – at Microsoft’s stand located in West Hall #6017, the first showroom in the world operated by the metaverse: the FIAT Metaverse Store. This revolution in customer experience is made possible thanks to the partnership with Microsoft and Touchcast, which makes it possible to recreate the conditions of a showroom from home.

In addition to the FIAT Metaverse Store, the New 500 will also be the center of attention in the Free2move area on the Stellantis stand.

Both of these initiatives reflect FIAT’s core values ​​of putting customers’ needs first while remaining socially relevant in a context of constant change.

The engine of change in North America

During the Los Angeles Autoshow 2022, Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT and CMO Global of Stellantis, officially announced the launch of the new Fiat 500e in North America in the first quarter of 2024. The FIAT Metaverse Store will be one of the main innovative pillars for the launch of the electric FIAT icon in the United States.

FIAT’s goal is to reinvent the North American customer journey by reversing the paradigm, whereby instead of inviting them to a showroom, FIAT brings the shopping experience directly to their homes.

FIAT is thus even closer to its customers, who can interact with the Brand and receive all the explanations they want, wherever they decide to go or be.

As a leader in urban mobility, the aim is also to be at the forefront of this new space, moving towards the customer while maintaining a human connection thanks to the FIAT Product Genius, an expert always available to build a tailor-made journey.

Building on its success in Europe, FIAT assumes its role as an innovative brand to experiment and open new paths in North America. This by relying on its flagship model to promote the transition to electric and renew its commitment to lead its customers towards the mobility of the future.

FIAT Metaverse Store: a revolution in the customer experience

Launched in Italy last December, the FIAT Metaverse Store makes the brand one of the leaders in immersive, simple and human brand experience. Inside the FIAT Metaverse Store, customers will be able to discover, configure and even buy the new 500 La Prima from Bocelli, living the experience of a showroom with the help of the FIAT Product Genius, a person in the flesh and us who will answer all their questions. The entire New 500 series, as well as the other models in the series, can be found in the showroom operated by Metaverse during 2023.

FIAT Metaverse Store is a user-friendly and accessible technology for everyone, which does not require virtual reality (VR) headsets or expensive hardware. The public will be able to test it at the Microsoft booth in West Hall #6017 at CES 2023.

FIAT and Free2move join forces for more sustainable urban mobility

The only car on display at the Free2move stand, the spotlight is on the new 500e 3+1 in a special Rose Gold colour. A collaboration between FIAT and Free2move that is the result of a common goal: to build a more sustainable urban mobility ecosystem as part of their mission to make electric cars more accessible to everyone. Both brands are working on something that goes beyond rental, car sharing and subscription. Customers will be able to enjoy a 360° Free2move experience on board a FIAT car for a few minutes, several days or several months. This offer allows customers to customize their leases and associated services, according to their usage, via a single invoice, directly from a dedicated APP.


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