LG wants to bridge the metaverse and its smart TV

Korean giant LG Electronics has confirmed its interest in Web3, especially metaverse. It is announcing an Oorbit partnership that will allow it to integrate technologies directly into its smart TVs. A big step for the company, which shows that blockchain-related technologies are indeed part of its goals.

LG shows its interest in the metaverse

The Oorbit company defines itself as “a portal to interactive 3D virtual worlds“. She announced its new partnership with LG on Twitter:

The idea is therefore to give users access to the metaverse directly from smart TVs offered by LG :

With this partnership, Oorbit and LG bring together immersive games and experiences and facilitate interactions in the metaverse for consumers.»

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A common digital identity for the different metaverses

This will especially happen by creating a digital identity, which allows users to easily switch between experiences. Oorbit and LG want the different virtual worlds to be interoperable. According to Pooya Koosha, the co-founder of Oorbit, it’s all about accessibility:

Our technology is the link between different virtual worlds, allowing developers and brands to bring their experiences into the metaverse. Scaling our technology to millions of LG TV customers is the next step to make the metaverse accessible to all.»

It has been some time since LG confirmed its interest in blockchain-related technologies. Last September, the South Korean giant announced the development of a crypto wallet based on the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). Additionally, at the start of 2022, LG had added blockchain and cryptocurrencies to its future development goals. The development of technologies related to the metaverse is therefore the next step, thanks to this partnership.

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Source: Oorbit, press release

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