BeInCrypto Awards 2022: who are this year’s big crypto winners (and losers)?

No one will dare to deny it: the year 2022 will not have been the brightest in the crypto sector. Between the endless bear market, scams, hacks and the chain implosion of a multitude of companies and projects, some come to wonder if this isn’t some kind of apocalypse of crypto. However, this year full of twists and turns does not prevent us from identifying the market players who have managed to pull out of the game… or, on the contrary, have left the crypto community particularly shaken.

To cap off a year sure to be remembered, BeInCrypto asked its community to vote for the best and worst of 2022. And while some of the picks are pretty predictable, others might surprise.

Biggest crypto event of the year: The Fall of FTX

After the fall of Luna and the subsequent domino effect that led to the bankruptcy of several crypto companies, we probably thought the worst was behind us. And we were wrong. As the year drew to a close, the crypto industry’s second largest exchange imploded in a matter of days, plunging the market into a new era of chaos, and one that will take a long time to recover from.

This time again, the direct and indirect consequences were not long in being felt as several other crypto exchanges that were somehow linked to FTX and its FTT token were forced out of business.

Likewise, a significant element of this massive meltdown is that FTX’s fall has particularly caught the attention of regulators around the world, reinforcing their calls for tighter crypto regulation like never before. The platform’s founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, has also been arrested and charged with fraud, including by the US government, which the SEC chairman called a “warning” to the concern of crypto platforms.

So regardless of the long-term outcome of this event, we can probably say that there is a “before” and an “after” FTX.

Best Crypto of the Year: Polygon (MATIC)

And no, it’s not about Ethereum. This is admittedly an ETH scalability solution, but it can definitely be said at this point that Polygon and its crypto-MATIC have made a name for themselves.

In fact, between the adoption of its NFTs by Instagram and its partnerships with big names like Netflix, Polygon has certainly given the impression of doing well in terms of recognition and visibility with the general public. Similarly, the price of its MATIC token, although affected like the entire market by the crisis, also showed some good performances during the year.

In the end, therefore, for many, MATIC would be one of the most important cryptos in the sector that had held the best course despite a particularly difficult year.

matic polygon

Worst crypto of the year: LUNA

On the opposite side, it is no surprise that we attribute the palm of the worst crypto of the year to Luna Classic (LUC), formerly called LUNA, as well as to its second version of the same name, which achieved the regrettable feat: not having restarted the machine in any way after the collapse of its ecosystem, Terra.

Until the precipitous fall of FTX in November, the collapse of Terra and its crypto LUNA, initially initiated by the untying of the stablecoin Terra UST, was arguably the worst event of the year, if not one of the worst of all. crypto history. As a result, a host of investors have lost their savings and are still waiting to be refunded.

Admittedly, the token burning program aimed at reviving the LUNC course created a buzz for a while at the end of the summer, but the enthusiasm quickly died down, confirming for many that the project does indeed look dead.

monc crypto

Crypto Personality of the Year: Changpeng Zhao

Again, the winner is not Vitalik Buterin thanks to Ethereum’s technological advances this year. Indeed, it seems that this year’s big (albeit controversial) winner is Changpeng Zhao, commonly called CZ, head of Binance crypto exchange, the No. 1 centralized platform in the sector.

In addition to managing to extend the dominance of Binance (especially in France) during a difficult year, CZ also gave the image – at least for some – of the sector’s “savior” by launching a support fund for crypto companies following the collapse of FTX. That said, this public figure is not without his controversy, many accusing him of being the very cause of the rival platform’s downfall and of acting in accordance with his own obscure interests.

CZ Binance

Worst Crypto Personality of the Year: Sam Bankman-Fried

What about Sam Bankman-Fried, aka SBF? First presented as flying to the rescue of crypto after the fall of LUNA, the role of the co-founder and former head of FTX was abruptly reversed in November with the sudden bankruptcy of his platform and the scandalous revelations of the management of his companies. , earned him the spot as the year’s worst crypto personality ahead of Do Kwon, who had set the bar pretty high anyway.

That said, SBF’s misdeeds finally seem to be paying off as the former crypto billionaire was arrested a month after FTX went down and is facing 8 charges from the US government, including defrauding platform users. He now faces a potential sentence of up to 165 years in prison.


Best exchange of the year: Binance

Together with its CEO Changpeng Zhao, the largest crypto exchange in the world also wins the award for the best exchange of the year, easily surpassing its former major competitor FTX.

Although Binance is as controversial as its mysterious boss, Binance has really been able to stand out this year with a remarkable expansion in the world, in addition to being recognized and approved by regulatory entities in many countries, especially in France with status PSAN issued by AMF.

With FTX now disqualified and Coinbase far behind, it remains to be seen what the year 2023 holds for the industry’s leading crypto exchange.


Best metaverse project of the year: Sandbox

Again, not surprisingly, the metaverse project of French origin proudly rose to the first place on the podium. Throughout the year, despite the bear market and some loss of enthusiasm for the metaverse sector, The Sandbox was able to remain active and grow with various partnerships ranging from music to other major crypto players such as Ledger, who sent the media with Time newspaper .

Likewise, many well-known celebrities and brands have launched their own custom universes on their respective sandbox metaverse grounds, seeking to reach a wider, potentially younger audience and blurring the lines between the virtual and the real.

As with the entire crypto market, its SAND token hasn’t had its best year, but who knows, maybe 2023 will turn out to be a better year?

the sandbox

Best NFT Collection of the Year: Azuki and DeGods Tied

For this category, two NFT collections received the same number of votes: Azuki NFTs, a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens inspired by Japanese anime culture and available on OpenSea, and DeGods, NFTs inspired by the Bored Apes concept. from Yuga Labs, available at Magic Eden by Solana.

The equal popularity of these two collections thus reveals to us that OpenSea, and by extension Ethereum, has lost a significant share of the monopoly in the NFT market and that the Solana blockchain is now one of the figureheads of this sector.


Best Meme Coin of the Year: Dogecoin (DOGE)

This year the battle was very close between the same original coin Dogecoin (DOGE) and its great rival Shiba Inu (SHIB). Both had their heyday in 2021 and have since lost some momentum, but both DOGE and SHIB have kept the public’s attention.

That said, in the community’s opinion, Dogecoin is the winner of this head-to-head, potentially due to its unexpected longevity and continued support from billionaire and new Twitter boss Elon Musk. . Likewise, the latter continues to hint that DOGE could be adopted as a currency on the famous social media platform, which is sure to boost expectations for this token as well as its rate.


The best blockchain of the year: Ethereum

Ethereum is finally shedding some of the glory that initially seemed destined for it this year with The Merge event.

Despite performance in terms of prices far from the dizzying increases that some hoped for after The Merge, blockchain has nevertheless managed to achieve its transition from proof of work to proof of stake without major problems.

That said, all is not done yet for the network, whose scaling plan remains extensive to say the least. Next step: the Shanghai update, scheduled for March 2023 and eagerly awaited. In fact, it should not only reduce transaction fees, but also withdraw ETH staked by its validators.


Worst hack of the year: FTX

FTX is definitely winning an armada of sad trophies this year. In November 2022, just days after the terrible liquidity crisis that led to its bankruptcy, a strange series of events only worsened its already critical situation.

After the disappearance of a portion of FTX’s treasury assets in what looked like a flash hack, rumors swirled: former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was believed to be behind it, while the latter in turn pointed the finger at the Bahamian government.

Still, this incident has only added fuel to the fire of a masterful failure, the first victims of which are none other than the users of the platform.


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