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C-Lab start-ups score record 29 wins at CES 2023 Innovation Awards

Over the past five years, Samsung has successfully supported more than 500 start-ups and projects

Diegem, 28 December 2022 – Samsung Electronics today announced the presentation at CES 2023 of new innovative projects developed under its C-Lab program[1]. Samsung will unveil to the public four exciting projects from C-Lab Inside, its internal entrepreneurship program, and eight start-ups supported by C-Lab Outside, the company’s start-up incubator. Visitors can take a look at innovative projects at Eureka Park in Las Vegas, USA, the main exhibition venue for many start-ups around the world, from January 5 to 8. Through CES, Samsung expects C-Lab start-ups to engage in the global market for their projects, consolidate their commercial feasibility and meet potential investors.

C-Lab Inside: Samsung Employees’ Metaverse and Lifestyle Projects

Since 2016, Samsung has presented its C-Lab Inside projects at the CES trade show. They will also be exhibited in 2023 with highly valued projects in terms of innovation, commercialization and completeness. These new projects, which complement other initiatives developed by Samsung, are:

  • Meta Race: a metaverse platform developed to teach good running techniques
  • Pork mix: a metaverse platform for an interactive concert experience
  • Soom: a new meditation experience that allows real-time feedback
  • Falette: a 3D transformation tool for home fabric products

C-Lab Outside: startups focused on robots, artificial intelligence and more, in the spotlight at CES

C-Lab Outside started in October 2018 as an acceleration program to strengthen the startup ecosystem in Korea. Startups that join C-Lab Outside benefit from a workspace, the expertise and guidance of Samsung employees, as well as marketing and financial advice. A further aspect of the support consists of possible collaborations with Samsung and the opportunity to participate in major IT fairs, such as CES and KES (Korean Electronics Show).

Over the past year, Samsung, the Daegu Center and the Gyeong-buk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation have helped the following eight startups develop their technology and get it ready for CES 2023:

  • NdotLight: a web-based 3D design solution
  • NEUBILITY: an urban delivery service of autonomous robots
  • 40FY: a digital psychiatric app from examination to treatment
  • CELLICO: a microbionic eye for patients with retinal diseases
  • Plastic: a browser-based AI motion capture and animation editing tool
  • Wrn technologies: writing and content creation training services using generative AI
  • Catius: an AI-based conversational partner for children
  • Erangtek: an IoT micro-repeater to improve the quality of home calls

C-Lab start-ups score record 29 wins at CES 2023 Innovation Awards

In November 2022, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the winners of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards in 28 product categories, including the Best of Innovation category. C-Lab start-ups’ projects have been awarded two Best of Innovation Awards, and 27 have been named Innovation Awards Honorees. As a result, C-Lab start-ups brought home 22 innovation awards in 2022 for their outstanding technologies, while another seven were added to the list in 2023. To help start-ups from C-Lab, Samsung Electronics also shares knowledge on how to win the CES Innovation Award and enter the global market.

“It’s great to see C-Lab start-ups demonstrate their technological skills on a global scale,” said Hark Kyu Park, President and CFO of Samsung Electronics. “We hope these start-ups conquer the global market and show the quality of Korean entrepreneurship.”

In particular, Dot Inc., which develops devices and software for the visually impaired, was named the winner of the CES 2022 Best of Innovation award in the Accessibility category and was also named a CES Innovation Awards Honoree twice. Verses, which developed the Meta Music System for streaming, was named the winner of the CES 2023 Best of Innovation Award in the Streaming category.

Seven of the eight start-ups exhibiting at the C-Lab stand – NEUBILITY, 40FY, NdotLight, CELLICO, Plask, Catius, Wrtn Technologies – won Innovation Awards.

In addition, seven spin-off start-ups from the C-Lab Inside program and 11 former C-Lab Outside start-ups won two Best of Innovation Awards and 20 Innovation Awards.

Samsung has reached its goal of supporting 500 start-ups and projects over five years

In 2018, Samsung Electronics announced that it would accelerate 300 Korean startups through C-Lab Outside and 200 projects through C-Lab Inside over a five-year period. In total and so far, the company has supported 506 start-ups and projects (304 within C-Lab Outside and 202 within C-Lab Inside.

Samsung has recently established C-Lab Family, a unique professional network through which startups previously supported by these programs can continue to work with Samsung even after they graduate from C-Lab Outside or leave the program. . The company has also established the C-Lab Scale-Up Committee and plans to gradually expand partnerships and investments in the C-Lab Family network in the future.

[1] Samsung C-Lab Inside was founded in 2012 to encourage Samsung employees to discover new ideas and foster a culture of creativity. Ideas with proven market value are incorporated into a division within Samsung or become spin-off projects supported by Samsung.

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