Princess Vittoria of Savoy finds her grandfather for her 19th birthday in the mountains

This December 28, 2022, Princess Vittoria of Savoy celebrates her 19th birthday. The Prince of Venice’s eldest daughter is with the family in the mountains to celebrate her birthday. Princess Vittoria was especially able to find her grandfather, the Prince of Naples, to spend these good times with the family a few days before New Year’s Eve.

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Princess Vittoria finds Prince Victor-Emmanuel for his 19th birthday in the mountains

Princess Vittoria of Savoy, Princess of Carignan and Marquis of Ivrea, celebrates her 19th birthday on 28 December 2022. The Princess is currently with her family to celebrate her birthday and celebrate the last few days of 2022. Prince Emmanuel- Philibert de Savoie shares a lovely photo taken during the pre-birthday dinner his father attended.

Princess Vittoria of Savoy with her grandfather Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy for a dinner in the mountains on the eve of her 19th birthday (Photo: Instagram capture)

On December 27, the evening before Princess Vittoria’s birthday, Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, Prince of Naples, who celebrated his 85th birthday in 2022, attended the dinner organized to celebrate his granddaughter’s eldest daughter’s 19th birthday birthday. In the photo posted by the Prince of Venice, Princess Vittoria hugs her grandfather with great affection during their evening at the cottage.

Prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy and his wife, Princess Marina, in winter in Switzerland (Photo: David Nivière)

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Prince Emmanuel-Philibert’s eldest daughter of Savoy turns 19

On this birthday, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy, recently owner of the Neapolitan football club Savoia, sent a message to his eldest daughter: “Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.” If Princess Vittoria, who is passionate about fashion and modeling, has as many dreams as her father and has inherited the same entrepreneurial spirit, we risk hearing about her. The Prince of Venice is a TV personality in Italy, a restaurant owner in the United States, interested in new Metaverse technologies, owner of a football club and previously involved in politics. On the occasion of his daughter’s 19th birthday, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert shared souvenir photos with Vittoria on Instagram.

In 2019, the Prince of Naples, the only son of Italy’s last king, Humbert II, abolished the Salic law in the Royal House of Savoy, which now allows his two grandsons to enter the line of succession to the former Italian throne. Prince Emmanuel-Philibert, only child of Prince Victor-Emmanuel, is his immediate dynastic heir, himself succeeded by his daughter Vittoria. Princess Vittoria, daughter of Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy and French actress Clotilde Courau, was born on 28 December 2003.

The ancestors of the last King Humbert II of Italy and some ancestors of the last Queen of Italy, great-grandparents of Princess Vittoria Savoie (Image: Histoires Royales)

Since joining the line of succession to the Royal House of Savoy, Princess Vittoria also bears the titles of Princess of Carignan and Marquis of Ivrea. Princess Vittoria has a younger sister, Princess Luisa, Princess of Quiers and Countess of Salemi. As heiress, Princess Vittoria will one day be called upon to lead the dynastic orders of the Royal House of Savoy, the highest of which is the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus.

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